What Level Of Ketones Is High

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If Your Blood Level Is Always High Between 300-400 Dont Eat Alot But Sugar Level Is Always High

Question Originally asked by Community Member Evelyn If Your Blood Level Is Always High Between 300-400 Dont Eat Alot But Sugar Level Is Always High My blood sugar level is always high (between 300-400). I don’t eat a lot but the level is always high. I take the pills I’ve been prescribed two times a day, but the levels won’t go down. Do you know what the problem might be? Thank you. Answer Hi Evelyn - I’m sorry it’s taken so long for someone to reply to your question! I’m sure you’ve gotten this figured out by now, but it sounds like something that your doctor needed to know about in order to make sure your medication levels were appropriate for managing your condition. I’m not sure what you are/were taking, but I hope you’ve gotten some good advice from your physician at this point and are on your way to having your blood sugar levels under better control. Here are some links to articles on our site that might help you better understand how to manage your diabetes: Sleep More, Weigh Less for Diabetes Control 10 Things You Should Do After Your Diabetes Diagnosis Best of luck to you, Evelyn! You should know Answers to your question are meant to provide general hea Continue reading >>

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  1. charlie229

    how to get rid of keytones

    hi im looking for some advice i have had keytones for they last 3 days they are running between 3.1 to 4.9 i am drinking plenty of water but they wont go any lower then 3.1 then over night they go back up to 4.7/4.9 i was wondering if there is anything i can do to get them down other then drinking water i dont want to go back to a&e thats a last resort can anyone help?

  2. borofergie

    How are measuring the ketones? I presume you have a ketone testing meter, rather than ketostix if you can quote numbers with decimal points.
    Are you low-carbing?
    What are your BG readings?

  3. ebony321

    Are your BG's high aswell?
    Are you taking insulin as normal? background and with meals? Water will help flush ketones out, but without sufficient insulin in your system they will keep being produced so water alone will NOT get rid of ketones.
    If you are taking your insulin check it's in date and if in doubt throw it out, try a new pen or vial, try a new one from the fridge. If your using insulin that has lost its potency then this is likely to be the cause so using fresh insulin is always a good idea.
    3 days is a very long time to have ketones, i know you don't want to go to A&E but you need to sort this out ASAP. ketones are nothing but bad news.
    I don't mean to be harsh but if you don't get it sorted you will either have to go to A&E willingly or in an ambulance, i know which one i would prefer.
    Please don't let them climb high and if you see no improvement then please seek medical help.
    We all know it's a pain and i myself have put of going to A&E for many reasons in the past and it did me no good and i just ended up worse off.
    Either way i hope you sort it out and get rid of those awful awful ketones.
    Take care x

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