What Ketones Do To The Body?

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Your Brain On Ketones

The modern prescription of high carbohydrate, low fat diets and eating snacks between meals has coincided with an increase in obesity, diabetes, and and increase in the incidence of many mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. In addition, many of these disorders are striking the population at younger ages. While most people would agree that diet has a lot to do with the development of obesity and diabetes, many would disagree that what we eat has much to do with our mental health and outlook. I believe that what we eat has a lot to do with the health of our brains, though of course mental illness (like physical illness) has multifactorial causes, and by no means should we diminish the importance of addressing all the causes in each individual. But let's examine the opposite of the modern high carbohydrate, low fat, constant snacking lifestyle and how that might affect the brain. The opposite of a low fat, snacking lifestyle would be the lifestyle our ancestors lived for tens of thousands of generations, the lifestyle for which our brains are primarily evolved. It seems reasonable that we would have had extended periods without food, either bec Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Shawin

    > How long is it safe to stay in Ketosis?

    Can anyone tell me how long you can stay in Ketosis safely before taking a break? The reason I ask is that the HCG Diet says to take a 3 week break after six weeks. Is this true of other Low Carb diets?

  2. Liz53

    No you can stay in ketosis pretty much for ever. It's not dangerous. Dr Steve Phinney has been in ketosis for over 10 years.
    HCG severely restricts calories as well as carbs. Most low carb diets do not (Dukan would be an exception).

  3. jaywood

    The HCG diet is a poor diet for ensuring good health. It is a non-sustainable way of life.
    Keotosis is just a differnt physiological state that our bodies can function in. I have not read anywhere that there are any long term problems to contend with.

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