What Is The Maximum Number Of Carbs To Stay In Ketosis?

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What's The Maximum Carbs On Ketogenic Diet?

Justin's answer here is pretty good. I would add that I've seen the standard recommendation as less than 40g of carbs per day. Ketosis is achievable on more carbs, as Justin points out, but is dependent on your activity level. The more active you are, the more carbohydrates you can consume while staying in Ketosis, or staying in Ketosis most of the time. To effectively get into Ketosis, you need to reduce both carbohydrate and protein intake, less your body simply use your dietary protein to create glycogen through gluconeogenesis. In other words, you can drop your carbs to 0-20 grams, but if you're consuming too much protein, you still won't get into ketosis. How much protein is too much is going to depend on how much you weigh, how messed up your metabolism is, and how active you are. Maybe try for less than 80g protein a day, and see how that works out. I would suggest eating only fatty sources of protein, e.g., eggs, 80 or 85% grass fed beef, wild caught salmon and sardines, and full fat cheese. I would also suggest that you stick to leafy and cruciferous vegetables (spinach, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are some of my favorites) which tend to b Continue reading >>

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  1. atcgirl

    I started 5:2 in september and initially tried to spread my 500 calories accross the day, but I lost no weight and couldn’t cope with the hunger pangs. Then I started just having all my 500 calories at dinner, with zero calories during the day (just a green tea in the morning for the caffeine), and I started losing a pound a week. I figure that my body needed to go into ketosis to actually shift the pounds.
    I am sick of green tea, I actually hate it. Black coffee isn’t an option because it gives me bad breath, so I’m going to need to go back to black tea with milk (no sugar). I figure semi skimmed is better than skimmed because having more fat in it leave less room for lactose and I only have a splash of milk, but will this bring me out of ketosis for any significant period?
    I know that my body will use some of the lactose as energy, I figure it can’t be for that long, but it’s going to try and do that as efficiently as possible; I don’t know enough about the science behind all this.
    Body building forums state all sorts of numbers from 10 calories to 50 and most of my googling has been fruitless. Anyone know?

  2. Pot-bellied Heron

    My understanding is that you won’t get into ketosis on the 5:2 though I haven’t really looked into it.

  3. atcgirl

    Some sites I’ve read suggest ketosis starts 8 to 12 hours after your last meal, others suggest it’s actually much longer – 48 hours. Which had me confused anyway.
    Normally i’d just experiment but I have a month until my love handles need to not show under my wedding dress and would prefer not to delay further weightloss
    It’s so little milk I have to believe it won’t make a difference! Also hoping it won’t affect IGF-1 levels but I think lots of people on here have already proved that it doesn’t because their levels have dropped even though they spread the calories out during the day.

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