What Is The Compensation For Metabolic Acidosis?

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Intro To Arterial Blood Gases, Part 2

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis, Part 2 Introduction Acute vs. Chronic Respiratory Disturbances Primary Metabolic Disturbances Anion Gap Mixed Disorders Compensatory Mechanisms Steps in ABG Analysis, Part II Summary Compensatory Mechanisms Compensation refers to the body's natural mechanisms of counteracting a primary acid-base disorder in an attempt to maintain homeostasis. As you learned in Acute vs. Chronic Respiratory Disturbances, the kidneys can compensate for chronic respiratory disorders by either holding on to or dumping bicarbonate. With Chronic respiratory acidosis: Chronic respiratory alkalosis: the kidneys hold on to bicarbonate the kidneys dump bicarbonate With primary metabolic disturbances, the respiratory system compensates for the acid-base disorder. The lungs can either blow off excess acid (via CO2) to compensate for metabolic acidosis, or to a lesser extent, hold on to acid (via CO2) to compensate for metabolic alkalosis. With Metabolic acidosis: Metabolic alkalosis: ventilation increases to blow off CO2 ventilation decreases to hold on to CO2 The body's response to metabolic acidosis is predictable. With metabolic acidosis, respiration will increase to blow off CO Continue reading >>

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    Keto friendly drinks

    As the topic states what are some Keto friendly drinks I can consume. I can only handle so much water.

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    I like unsweetened iced tea.

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    Green Tea is great! and good for you. As for Sodas, I like to drinik Diet Rite. They have different flavors but its made with splenda instead of aspartame so its alot better than other diet sodas.
    I still would get plenty of water, you will get use to it and even crave it.
    Coffee topped with whipped cream and cinnamon is excellent this time of year.

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