What Is The Cause Of Ketones?

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Ketones: Introduction To Testing Ketones

We’ve all had the question, or been asked the question: how do I know when I’m in ketosis? Should I feel different? Should I have increased mental clarity and focus? While one could give a case-by-case, yes-or-no type response for these questions, the best way is to simply test it out. The problem is that most of us don’t have access to a lab 24/7. Due to this issue, we have three possible ways to test ourselves for ketones from home, namely, urine strips, blood meters, or breath meters. Urine Test Strips There are numerous brands of urine strips to choose from if you decide to go this route and they can be easily obtained at your local drug store or online for a relatively inexpensive price. They can cost anywhere from $9-$20 for about 100 test strips. While this would seem to be the easiest way, it may not be the best way. Urine strips are coated with a chemical that reacts to the presence of acetoacetate (one type of ketone body). However, urine by definition is a waste product. So, while having ketones present in the urine may be a great indication that you are producing them, it could also mean that you are not utilizing them effectively. Also, we tend to see that indivi Continue reading >>

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  1. leslieo

    I am on day 21 of the keto diet and I must say I did extremely well until very recently. I am now in full blown ketosis (blood ketones at 3.4 today) and I don't want to stop, but I suddenly have an aversion to fat. In fact, last night a tablespoon of coconut oil was determined to come back up. I won the fight but now I can't stomach the thought of ever eating coconut oil by itself again. Then, this morning, the bacon I was eating didn't want to stay down. I had to swallow it whole and chase it with water! For lunch, my salad and ranch dressing smelled and tasted horrible so I couldn't eat more than one bite of it! Then I literally choked down a fat bomb. I am literally in disbelief that after 21 days, I may have to throw in the towel! Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if the solution is as easy as a few tweaks to my food choices? At the moment, I've decided not to eat at all which is not a solution, so this is an urgent issue.

    A point to note: I was unable to reach ketosis until I increased my fat proportions. Just a week ago, my blood ketones were 0.3 but after I increased the fat, I bounced up to 2.4 and today 3.4. With that said, I've had A LOT of fat for the past few days and not much variety: bacon, coconut oil, fat bombs and meat balls. Maybe I need to eat something different? But what? Help!

  2. thebobber

    How do you test your blood ketone level? I have a blood glucose testing machine. I assume that I need a different device and different test strips to test blood ketones. Any recommendations?

  3. dargy

    I think most of us go through this stage, just some more than others. Stick at it as you will adapt. If you're like me you have probably eaten carbs for a long time and your body is not enjoying the fact that you have changed your fuel source. I still can't stomach coconut oil though. My body doesn't like it and it is maybe because I have candida issues. Adapting is not easy and may you go in out anyway but stick at it. Try watching that crazy lady Stephanie Person. She seems to be very knowledgable on the topic.
    What are your bowel movements like? This is often a good indication of what is going on inside your stomach.
    I would also add more of a variety in your diet as well. If you eat oranges all the time your body will reject it and want to puke.

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