What Is The Cause Of Acidosis?

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Ph Of The Blood - 6 - Causes Of Abnormality - M J Bookallil

A rise in concentration of any of these acids in the blood causes a fall in the pH of the blood. Loss of acid from the blood (e.g. into gastric juice) causes a rise in the pH. Only HCl and H2CO3 can be lost from the blood in appreciable quantities. The bases which can cause changes in blood pH are: Administration of base by mouth or parenterally may cause blood pH to rise if rate of excretion does not match rate of administration. Loss of alkaline fluid from bowel (diarrhoea, intestinal obstruction or intestinal fistulae), or urine (after acetoazolamide) will cause blood pH to fall. 6.3 CLINICAL CLASSIFICATION OF CAUSES OF CHANGES IN BLOOD pH Clinical states of pH disturbence (acid-base inbalance) can conveniently be divided into two groups, i.e. (a)respiratory and (b)metabolic or non-respiratory. The reasons for this division into respiratory and non-respiratory are that: i) the compensatory mechanisms ( Section 3.5.1 ) and treatments ( Section 7 ) of the two types are different.; ii) the recognition of non-respiratory disturbances is masked by compensatory alterations in PCO2 and the recognition of changes in pH caused by PCO2 changes are masked by renal compensation. 6.3.1 RESP Continue reading >>

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  1. Andy030

    I'm kicking as and taking names with Intermittent Fasting and periodic low carb on top but my breath is scaring the children.
    Other than brush my teeth every 20 min, what the heck works?
    I'm constantly chewing gum and using breath spray and mouthwash but even then my wife says she can smell rotton iron on my breath.
    Years ago I heard about something you drink to take the smell out of your stomach but I can't remember what it is and I don't know if it can be used during fasting.
    I'm dying here...... well, others are

  2. CaptShady

    This is a cut and paste, but sounds worthy of trying:

    Good advice to lessen bad breath problems is drinking water and chewing parsley. If you drink more water you will go to the toilette more frequently, so more of the ketone bodies will leave your body with the urine.

  3. Steve Freides

    All sorts of weirdnesses are not uncommon when your body detoxifies - hopefully, it goes away with the passage of time, perhaps with eating cleaner along with IF and low-carb.
    I've heard this associated more with low-carb than with WD/IF type eating plans.
    KBNJ.COM - Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader

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