What Is Starvation Ketosis?

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Ketosis, The Weight-loss Key To The Atkins Diet, Does Work, But At A Price

Robert Atkins’ contentious death cast doubt on his already-controversial namesake diet. But he was onto something, apparently, because aspects of his high-fat regimen live on. Ketosis, a low-carb eating plan, promises to make people really thin, really quickly. Going keto is now a fad diet of its very own — look how good LeBron James looks! — despite concerns about its safety. In the world of crash diets, instant gratification is king, and ketosis appears to deliver rapid weight loss at full speed. That is, if you’re willing to take the risks. Phase one of the Atkins Diet had banked on ketosis, the body’s so-called “fat-burning” mode, which seemed to live up to the hype. Under normal conditions, the body fuels itself by burning up carbohydrates, fats, and protein, in that order. That’s because the simple sugars contained in pasta, rice, and sugar are easier molecules to break down. But if your body has no linguine to digest and is desperate for game fuel, it has no choice but to burn up the fat you’ve got on hand (or on love handles). And isn’t that the weight-loss dream? But ketosis is so-named because going low-carb causes the liver to break down fats into mol Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. markh

    My wife just did a ketone test - she is doing a LCHF keto diet to help address adrenal/thyroid issues and we are in week six - all is wonderful and going well and we thought we would do a test using our meter. Her reading seems a little high, placing it outside the normal range for nutritional ketosis. What are likely factors in this and is there any cause for concern? She is generally eating OK but not a tremendous amount - eating what she feels she needs to and her weight is stable at around the right level.

    TIA, Mark

  2. thekgentleman

    Does she feel fine? I’m guessing since you said meter, you are testing via blood? Are you testing blood glucose as well? Was this after a fast? Do you have other readings? Is there a trend? 3+ is considered ‘deep’ ketosis. I do not think there is a reason for concern.

  3. EZB

    Don’t worry about the ketone level. I assume this is by blood test? As long as the reading is above 0.5 and she isn’t a type-1 diabetic, there is no issue, and she is in ketosis. The readings will be higher at the beginning stages of the diet. As time goes on, your body gets more adjusted to using the ketones, and the readings will be lower–even below 0.5 for some people, such as @richard .
    I have noticed that each time I fast, my ketones take longer to go up a ton also. I am 96 hours into a 120-hour fast now. My ketone levels yesterday (at hour 72) was 2.0. The first time I did a 72-hour fast, it was above 5.0 at hour 72. Today, at hour 96, it is 4.8! I bet that the next time I go 4 days, it will be 2.0 this far in.

    The body adapts. She feels fine, and she is fine.

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