What Is Starvation Ketoacidosis

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Why Dka & Nutritional Ketosis Are Not The Same

There’s a very common misconception and general misunderstanding around ketones. Specifically, the misunderstandings lie in the areas of: ketones that are produced in low-carb diets of generally less than 50 grams of carbs per day, which is low enough to put a person in a state of “nutritional ketosis” ketones that are produced when a diabetic is in a state of “diabetic ketoacidosis” (DKA) and lastly, there are “starvation ketones” and “illness-induced ketones” The fact is they are very different. DKA is a dangerous state of ketosis that can easily land a diabetic in the hospital and is life-threatening. Meanwhile, “nutritional ketosis” is the result of a nutritional approach that both non-diabetics and diabetics can safely achieve through low-carb nutrition. Diabetic Ketoacidosis vs. Nutritional Ketosis Ryan Attar (soon to be Ryan Attar, ND) helps explain the science and actual human physiology behind these different types of ketone production. Ryan is currently studying to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut and also pursuing a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition. He has interned under the supervision of the very well-known diabetes doc, Dr Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. sammerb

    I understand ketosis is achieved when staying between 0-50g of carbs, upwards to 100g for some people.
    But I was wondering where sugar fits in to this?
    The reason I'm asking is there's a full fat greek yogurt that I LOVE. But it's got 15g of carbs and 10g of sugar.
    Will eating that likely to kick me out of ketosis?

  2. Egoldstein

    thinking about being IN ketosis or not is somewhat misleading. What you want is to be fully keto-adapted, meaning your body will seamlessly move from carb burning, fat burning, maybe protein burning back and forth. The carb flu period is when you are not fully adapted and feel a bit out of sorts when transitioning. For someone fully adapted, having a high carb meal or day should not impair longer-term fat burning and fatloss.

  3. OnTheBayou

    Sugar and carbs in yogurt is misleading. Carbs in all foods are not determined directly, but presumed to be what is left over after subtracting proteins and fats. Most, but not all, of the milk's lactose is converted to acids (acidolphilus, any one?) which while still carbs are no longer sugars.
    Just stay away from sugar added yogurts and don't eat it too often. It is dairy.

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Not to be confused with Ketoacidosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body's energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides energy. Ketosis is a result of metabolizing fat to provide energy. Ketosis is a nutritional process characterised by serum concentrations of ketone bodies over 0.5 mM, with low and stable levels of insulin and blood glucose.[1][2] It is almost always generalized with hyperketonemia, that is, an elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood throughout the body. Ketone bodies are formed by ketogenesis when liver glycogen stores are depleted (or from metabolising medium-chain triglycerides[3]). The main ketone bodies used for energy are acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate,[4] and the levels of ketone bodies are regulated mainly by insulin and glucagon.[5] Most cells in the body can use both glucose and ketone bodies for fuel, and during ketosis, free fatty acids and glucose synthesis (gluconeogenesis) fuel the remainder. Longer-term ketosis may result from fasting or staying on a low-carbohydrate diet (ketogenic diet), and deliberately induced ketosis serves as a medical i Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Aine

    I just called Boots in Cambridge for Ketone testing strips and was interrogated like a criminal. They wanted to know why I wanted them, and I said I was testing for ketones, and then further questioning, so Isaid I was on a diet. She abruptly said, "Okay, right..I'm sorry, we're not allowed to sell them. Goodbye," and hung up. :confused:
    What am I missing? :rolleyes: I thought they were easily available and didn't know I was trying to purchase some restricted item. I know they are really for diabetics, but didn't want to be dishonest or rather, didn't think I had to be dishonest to purchase them.
    Are there restrictions on their sale in the UK? (I hav only been here a few months) Maybe I can do without them, but I was curious to know if I am in ketosis.
    Now I feel stupid for calling, and like I called to ask for ganja (marijauana). :(
    Bye for now :wave:

  2. daisy

    Boots refused to sell my boyfriend Ketostix (that's the brand name) when he admitted he wasn't a diabetic, & they refused to give a reason. :mad: From what I've heard there aren't official restrictions on them, so I'm assuming Boots are just fascists. I don't have my boyfriend's scruples, so I went to Superdrug & lied- I said they were for my mum!:rolleyes: - but they had run out.
    Finally we got them from a company called Pharmacy4U, which I'm sure has a website (try Pharmacy4U.co.uk). After all that, though, we never use them any more! Maybe I will once I'm on maintenance. So don't worry too much about them :)
    Take care, Daisy

  3. Aine

    Thanks Daisy, I think I'll just do without them or try the website you suggested.
    Cheers :wave:

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Citizen's Forum Jack Etkin and Bill Negraeff From the BC Pain Society (Medical Cannabis/Medical Marijuana ) Store in Victoria BC - The history of the BC Pain Society ShawTVSouthVI Medical Cannabis

Journal Of The Intensive Care Society

We read with interest the recent case report by Yeow et al.1 of a 65-year-old female who developed starvation ketoacidosis perioperatively following an extended period of poor oral intake. The authors noted that euglycaemic ketoacidosis in non-diabetic patients is very rarely reported and that it is important to be aware of the condition. Perhaps the most common factor that predisposes to starvation ketoacidosis in otherwise healthy individuals is pregnancy, which the authors do not mention. It has long been known that accelerated ketone production following fasting is seen in normal pregnancy.2 We have recently reported a number of cases of starvation ketoacidosis in pregnant women without hyperglycaemia.3 It typically occurs in the third trimester following a short history of reduced oral intake. We have also described this condition in pregnant women with pancreatitis and in one woman after commencement of olanzapine during pregnancy.4,5 Many of these women were admitted to intensive care units and several had emergency deliveries in the absence of a clear diagnosis. On the other hand, in those in whom the diagnosis was recognised, treatment with dextrose alone often appeared to Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Jiggy Puff

    A couple of years ago I lost 90 lbs. on Atkins. During that time I periodically tested my urine for ketones. Since I was on a very low carb ketogenic WOE you would think I would see my fat loss revealed on the strips. But never did I ever see anything other than just "trace" on the strips, which is barely any. But yet I kept buying the strips. Why? During that time I thought maybe something would show,but no.
    Fast forward to present day. life happened, regained my weight, and restart 2 months ago. I am doing great lost 22 lbs and regret ever leaving this WOE. But with that said, what do I do but go to the store and buy Ketone test strips:? :/ Why? you ask lol. I really don't know, I guess i thought by some miracle of events I would see some different results. Guess what I have been seeing? Yep you guessed it...."trace".
    Now why am I telling you this? It is because it is to show you that not all of us that lose weight and do great on this WOE will show it on our test strips. The ketones that are not showing up on my urine strips are probably being used by my body. Not to mention if you are someone who drinks lots of water, the urine can be diluted and therefore not show much on the strips. Another theory is some of us urinate more times than others; which for those, the ketones don't have time to build up in consistency to show on the strips.
    So don't be discouraged if you don't see anything on your strips you can tell by how well you are doing, by how well you look and feel and the weight loss you obtain by living and eating the best WOE in the world.
    And for those of you who get to enjoy the "colorful" results of moderate results on your strips; it is a pretty why to observe your progress, that is about it. So "stripping or not" lol good luck and happy success my friends.

  2. black57

    It is better to see nothing on the test strips. By seeing nothing on the test strips, your body is telling you that it is indeed using the ketones for energy which is what you want...you don't want to see ketones on the test strips at all. Ketones do not get stored as fat, they're used to maintain bone, muscle and other tissues including heart and brain.When your body uses ketones for energy your body has become ketone adapted and healthier than ever before.

  3. CMCM


    Originally Posted by black57
    It is better to see nothing on the test strips. By seeing nothing on the test strips, your body is telling you that it is indeed using the ketones for energy which is what you want...you don't want to see ketones on the test strips at all. Ketones do not get stored as fat, they're used to maintain bone, muscle and other tissues including heart and brain.When your body uses ketones for energy your body has become ketone adapted and healthier than ever before.
    Good good points. I've rarely if ever seen much on ketostix. Perhaps way back when I first did Atkins, but since I'm always eating pretty much along Atkins low carb lines anyway, whenever I tighten up my eating and go very low carb, the ketostix will show virtually no change.

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