What Is Ketosis Breath Like?

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6 Sneaky Reasons Your Breath Stinks

Raymond Forbes via Getty Images Some of the most common causes of bad breath are the most obvious ones. You know it’s time to brush when you’ve had some particularly garlicky shrimp scampi or you practically breathe fire first thing in the morning. But there are some surprising causes of bad breath, known to science-y types as halitosis, the product of odor-causing bacteria buildup in your mouth and between your teeth (gross, we know). Here are some of those sneaky culprits. Makes us want to brush just thinking about it... Continue reading >>

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  1. Anna Lozikevich

    Good day to everyone! I've been a low-carber for 5 years already. Recently I started to notice a very bad breath... I suppose it's because of the low carb... Have you had the same problem? How did you manage it? Usually I eat about 30 grams of carbs per day.

  2. Finsky

    Oh yes...I call it Ketones breath. There is not much you can do about it other than mask it with mouthwash/brushing teeth and with mints. Ketones breath kicks in when your body gets into fat burning mode. Some people have it worst than others...unfortunately I belong to the worst sort To make the situation better I have to bring my carb intake up for while...and breath goes away..and comes back again when the fat is 'sizzling' again

  3. Anna Lozikevich

    Finsky said: ↑
    To make the situation better I have to bring my carb intake up for while...and breath goes away..and comes back again when the fat is 'sizzling' again Thank you for your advice
    I also do this sometimes, when I "feel" the problem) I started to suffer from it just a month ago

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Learn more at www.heasduphealth.com/levl New to low carb or ketogenic eating and unsure if youre in ketosis? Or eating low carb but not achieving the results you were hoping for? Measuring breath ketones with the LEVL ketone breath meter is an accurate and non-invasive method to measuring and tracking. No more poking your finger multiple times a day to get feedback on whether or not what youre doing is working. Find out more about how this device works and how to easily track this data along with other metrics using Heads Up Health. In this podcast episode, Dave Korsunsky, sits down with Joe Anderson, Ph.D. of LEVL. Together they share how tracking breath ketones with the LEVL ketone breath meter and integrating it into your Heads Up Health account can help you optimize your approach to fat burning and metabolic health. Listen in iTunes! In this episode, youll learn about the LEVL ketone breath meter and much more: The correlation between breath acetone to fat loss Importance of using an FDA approved medical device for testing What makes the LEVL ketone breath meter accurate How the LEVL ketone breath meter doesnt allow you to test inaccurately Learn how the LEVL ketone breath mete

Ketosis Breath: Causes And Prevention

Bad breath isn’t life threatening or a health problem but rather socially embarrassing. Usually, bad breath is associated with poor oral hygiene or from eating garlic for lunch. However, adopting a ketogenic diet may be the cause of bad breath. The ketogenic diet has a plethora of amazing health benefits such as, improving fat burning, brain function and reduces inflammation. House of Keto Monitor™ is an accurate breath based device developed to measure the ketone levels in your system. Shortly after starting a ketogenic diet many people report foul breath or a bad taste in their math. This is extremely common and fortunately can be overturned. Find out more: House of Keto Monitor™ Causes Excess Protein People often consume protein as their primary source of calories when adopting a ketogenic diet as they’re reluctant to eating high amounts of fat. When someone consumes higher amounts of protein, ammonia is set free from the body through the breath. The smell varies from fruity or similar to apples that are fermenting or rotting. A high protein diet inhibits the ability to get into ketosis because excess proteins can actually be converted into sugar through gluconeogenesis. Continue reading >>

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  1. Andy030

    I'm kicking as and taking names with Intermittent Fasting and periodic low carb on top but my breath is scaring the children.
    Other than brush my teeth every 20 min, what the heck works?
    I'm constantly chewing gum and using breath spray and mouthwash but even then my wife says she can smell rotton iron on my breath.
    Years ago I heard about something you drink to take the smell out of your stomach but I can't remember what it is and I don't know if it can be used during fasting.
    I'm dying here...... well, others are

  2. CaptShady

    This is a cut and paste, but sounds worthy of trying:

    Good advice to lessen bad breath problems is drinking water and chewing parsley. If you drink more water you will go to the toilette more frequently, so more of the ketone bodies will leave your body with the urine.

  3. Steve Freides

    All sorts of weirdnesses are not uncommon when your body detoxifies - hopefully, it goes away with the passage of time, perhaps with eating cleaner along with IF and low-carb.
    I've heard this associated more with low-carb than with WD/IF type eating plans.
    KBNJ.COM - Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader

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Dr Karl's Q&a Forum

Zac goes to the gym a few times a week and when he does chin ups he holds his breath on the last couple. After he completes one of these chin ups he breathes out and his breath stinks like he's been drinking all night. It only seems to work on these short bursts of intense exercise. Is this lactic acid? The mention of ketones and lactic acid in discussion of this question reminded me of the term 'ketoacidosis' from my days studying Agricultural Chemistry at Sydney Uni. From memory it happens in periods of low oxygen and may provide an answer here, but i can't find this in my old notes. All I've found is that alpha-ketoglutarate is part of the tricarboxylic acid (or citric acid or Kreb's) cycle, although this may have nothing to do with it. You may be able to get some information from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science at Sydney University, possibly through Dr Edith Lees, who can be found through the phonebook at the university website. Cheers. Terry : , URL : 16:59:00 18 Sep, 2003 EST I was itching to reply when this was being discussed but unfortunately unable to get to a computer or phone, but I can now. Zac's acetic breath is caused by part of a process ca Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. FatJessica

    > Ketosis taste in mouth?

    I caught a glimpse of a thread somewhere mentioning a taste in the mouth that some people get when they are in ketosis....anyone know what I'm talking about?

  2. MorganMac

    Yep, it's rather common. Ketone bodies (such as acetone) are excreted from the body in the breath and urine. Many people get "keto breath" for awhile when they start a LC diet :)

  3. FatJessica

    What does it smell like?

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