What Is Ketosis And Is It Healthy?

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What Is The Ketogenic Diet And Is It Healthy? Should It Be Used As A Normal Way Of Eating Instead Of A Weight Loss Diet?

Ketogenic diet, or in short Keto, is a form of diet that focuses on intentionally shifting the body’s metabolism from glucose (carbs) to Ketones (fats), in essence, to put it on Ketosis. In Ketosis, the cells in the body use Ketones (formed by breaking down fat cells) instead of glucose (formed from carbs or sugars) to derive energy for bodily functions and metabolism. In this diet, the dieter is expected to obtain their daily calorific requirements i.e., energy for metabolism, primarily from fats (65-75%) and proteins (15-25%) instead of carbohydrates (5-10%) depending on requirement. Although Ketogenic diet has existed for over a century, it has only found prominence in recent years owing to its considerable impact on weight loss and other health benefits. The unconventional mechanism of Ketogenic diet creates a considerable amount of doubt as well as curiosity among new dieters. People, who have gone through the diet, swear by it. However, at the same time the unorthodox nature of the diet coupled with the mechanism’s similarity with starvation, has led many researchers to question its efficacy. In fact, many believe that Ketogenic diet is actually harmful to the human body Continue reading >>

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  1. Richie1

    I adopted a low glycemic diet after a friend saw such positive results. In the beginning my purpose was to try gluten free, but my picky diet turned out to comply with the atkins diet and I lost some weight during the process. I’m a slender person and didn’t intend to lose weight. Anyway…after I figured out the diet better and started including lots of raw vegetables and fruit with my protien I began to feel better than I did in my early twenties (I’m 40 now). Needless to say I am a changed man and will never go back to my old diet.

    but now I have a question. I think my adopted diet sometimes puts me in ketosis. A few weeks ago my urine looked orange and I googled it. Google said that ketosis could cause orange urine and it seemed like a real possibility so I assume that’s what it was. Yesterday I ate an apple for breakfast, 10 oz sirloin with fries and green beans for lunch, and then 20 oz of great greens juice at jamba juice around three o’clock. At 7pm I urinated and it smelled sweet and fruity, not the usual “urine smell”. So I googled that and all my results mentioned ketoacidosis and diabetes. I’m a little unnerved about it. Should I be? Does ketosis change urine odor like this?

  2. 4dml

    Urine in ketosis may smell different. Though it’s not usually a different color. Non diabetics cannot get into ketoacidosis via diet. No how, no way. But many folks are diabetic and don’t know it. If you have any doubt, get tested. ASAP.

  3. infromsea

    Some sources state that only those with type I diabetes can suffer ketoacidosis.
    Other sources state that those with type II diabetes can suffer ketoacidosis but it’s rare.
    Are you a diagnosed diabetic? They used to diagnose diabetes via “sweet urine” (they would taste it).
    If you had that many carbs early in the day, I’d highly doubt you are in suffering from ketoacidosis. When I’m in heavy ketosis (say fasting for several days) my urine does NOT smell fruity, honestly, it stinks, but that’s just ancedotal evidence for me, not a hard and fast rule for anyone else.

    Sometimes it’s best to go on how you feel, not what DR Google worries you about.

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