What Is Ketosis And Is It Healthy?

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Is Longterm Ketosis Healthy?

Yes with caveats. Some want to stay as low as possible incorrectly thinking since low carb is good lower must be better. Don't do that. Staying just barely in ketosis while eating as much veggies as you can while in ketosis is healthy. For most that's around 50 grams net per day. It's a lot of low carb veggies. The reason lower is not better have to do with thyroxine levels dropping on a 2 week time scale, leptin levels dropping on a 3 month time scale, cortisol levels rising on a time scale different for each person. Stay near 50 instead of near 20 to avoid these issues. Continue reading >>

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  1. timothyw

    Ketosis & BG

    Has anyone ever made a correlation between their blood sugar numbers and Ketosis? I imagine it would be different for everyone. seems to me that if the BG went down to x then you would switch into ketosis for fuel needs. Too high a BG and you wouldn't be in ketosis. Or am I off track here and it is purely the carb count that matters? I have read how atkins suggested increasing carbs each week to find the right level of carbs to maintain weight on his diet.
    Any ideas or thoughts?

  2. MarkM

    You can be in ketosis and have high blood sugar levels but low insulin levels. This what happens to T1s at onset, but it gets worse and there can be ketoacidosis. T2s, if they are insulin resistant and/or insulin deficient, can also be in ketosis and have above normal blood glucose levels.
    Normal people go in and out of ketosis every day. But for someone who has normal insulin production and insulin sensitivity, sustained ketosis would only occur if carb consumption dropped below what is needed to satisfy the normal daily glucose requirement. Some say this is 130 grams of carb a day. Low carbers will tell you it is a lot lower, based on their observations of ketone test results and eating patterns.
    That is my take on it anyway. And in answer to your question, no, I don't think there is a clear correlation there.

  3. Nicoletti

    I never gave it a thought. My concern is keeping blood sugar down.

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Without Seeking To Induce Ketosis, Is Drinking Bulletproof-style Coffee A Healthy Source Of Fat?

I wouldn't say bulletproof-style coffee is a healthy source of fat. I wouldn't say it's a healthy anything really. A cup of bulletproof coffee is over 400 calories, 1g of protein, about 50g of fat, of which majority of that is saturated fat, and very little essential nutrients. On the other hand, you can have a double shot latte (to get the caffeine hit), and with the other 300 calories, you can have 60g of cashew nuts. From that you'll get 26g of fats, of which 14g is monosaturated, 11g of protein, 18g of carbohydrates, and a bunch of essential nutrients to boot. For your healthy fats, stick to mixed nuts (excluding peanuts), avocados, olive oil, salmon and so on. Continue reading >>

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Which Is A More Healthy Diet, Ketosis Or A Vegan Diet?

You’re going to get a lot of people trying to upsell veganism (which is so deeply steeped in ideology that it’s difficult to discern any objective benefits), and probably only slightly fewer trying to upsell the ketosis diet. The fact of the matter is that human nutritional needs are surprisingly individual. I’d suggest trying each of them for a month or two, and seeing which one suits your health the best. If you do what you need to make smart choices, either can be healthy. The question is whether you are more comfortable giving up animal-based products or giving up carbs. “Slipping” and eating too many carbs on the ketosis diet will kick your metabolism out of ketosis. That is a fast way to gain weight unless you cut back on fat untill you get back into ketosis. “Slipping” on the vegan diet is between you and your conscience. It isn’t likely to set your weight loss back much. Personally, I lean toward vegan. I enjoy whole grains and plant based protein, but I also enjoy a nice piece of wild caught salmon. My husband is trying low carb, medium fat and medium protein, with medical supervision. He tests his blood for ketones every day — like a diabetic. If he’s Continue reading >>

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  1. juniperberry

    Topic: SUGAR ALCOHOLS (and how they affect ketosis)

    Hi all, I found this info (on http://www.lowcarb.ca/tips/tips010.html) and thought it was really interesting. If you're satisfying craving for sweets with "sugar free" alternatives, you may find you're consuming more carbs than you thought! ... hope it helps :-)
    These sweeteners are neither sugars, nor alcohols, but they are carbohydrates nonetheless. They are sometimes called POLYOLS, to avoid confusion. At the present time, they have not been legally classified for product labelling purposes, as are sugars, starch and fiber. So, some manufacturers are choosing to omit them from the total carb count in the nutrient data panel of the label (they MUST however declare the amount of sugar alcohol in the ingredient list). Because they aren't actually SUGAR, products that contain them may use the term "sugar free" on the label. Some manufacturers and distributors (esp. in Canada and Europe) are choosing to declare the full carbs in the nutrient data panel, and some diabetes associations and consumer groups are pressuring for gov't legislation to make this a legal requirement.
    There are some claims that sugar alcohols don't have carbs, and therefore don't count; that they can be completely subtracted if listed on the label. This statement is not entirely "false" but it is misleading. Sugar alcohols do have carbs, and approx. 1/2 to 3/4 the calories of regular sugar. They are more slowly and incompletely absorbed from the small intestine than sugar, thus producing a much smaller and slower rise in blood sugar ... and consequently insulin. But this is a YMMV thing. Some Type 1 diabetics have reported that they sense an immediate "sugar rush" from eating even a small amount. Others notice no change, and absolutely no effect on ketosis.
    Sugar alcohols do have carb calories, and the body will use these as fuel, or store as fat, whether or not insulin is involved. You need to look at the total CALORIES for one serving of the product. Subtract from this total the number of calories from any protein in the product (prot = 4 cal. per gm), then subtract the calories from any FAT in the product (fat = 9 cal. per gm). What's left is the calories from carbohydrate ... divide this remainder by 4 (carbs = 4 cal. per gm). If the number you get is bigger than the number of carbs declared on the label, the product has hidden carbs, and it's most likely the polyol. Calories do not just disappear into thin air!
    The "laxative effect" happens for two reasons. First, because the sugar alcohols are not completely absorbed, they hold on to a lot of water in the bowel. This causes diarrhea. Another consequence is that when undigested carbs reach the colon, the normal bacteria present there go WILD --- resulting in unpleasant gas, and bloating. Sorbitol and mannitol are the worst offenders in this department, maltitol less so. The effect is dose-related -- you would be wise to pay attention to the serving size listed on the product label. This amount would be considered "safe" for the average adult -- make note of this before giving to a smaller child! Nothing like watching your kid doubled over with cramps and diarrhea because they ate too many "sugar free" sweets. To the best of my knowledge, sugar alcohols ARE safe for children, and pregnant/nursing mothers ... just keep an eye on the dose.
    There are some newer sugar alcohols slowly making their way on the market, which have less laxative effect, and even less blood sugar and insulin consequence. Erythritol, isomalt and inulin are a few to watch for. There's another called HSH (hydrolyzed starch hydrolysate) also called maltitol syrup. The thing is, the different sugar alcohols have different properties, and can't be used for all things. Sorbitol is used in hard candies ... it produces a nice, clear candy that doesn't crystalize, and stays hard and dry in a humid environment. Because it doesn't crystalize, sorbitol is used in ice cream to help it stay creamy. Mannitol also can absorb a lot of moisture before it gets damp and sticky, therefore it's used to "dust" sticks of gum, to keep them dry. Maltitol and erythritol provide smooth bulk, and are ideal for chocolates and soft candies to give a creamy "melt in the mouth" quality.
    Sugar alcohols are not acted upon by bacteria in the mouth, and therefore do NOT cause tooth decay. In fact, xylitol actually INHIBITS oral bacteria, and is often used in sugarless mints and chewing gum for this reason.
    We are all individuals, and our bodies will react differently to these products. Depending on other factors, such as what else we've consumed along with it or on an empty stomach, we may even find ourselves having totally different reactions each time we eat it. So proceed with caution.
    Be aware that there is potential to cause a rise in blood sugar and insulin ... although slower. Also the possibility to knock you out of ketosis, if you're following a ketogenic program such as Atkins. Pay attention to the serving SIZE. A 45-gram (1-1/2 oz) chocolate bar may state on the label that one serving is 15 grams (1/2 oz). That's only 1/3 of the bar, so keep that in mind when you're about to chow down.
    If you are following Induction level low carb eating, it would be wise to avoid these products until at LEAST the 2 weeks are up, and your body's metabolism is settled well into ketosis and fat-burning mode. Same for other low carb programs, which may not be ketogenic, but do have strong effects on the metabolism (eg. Protein Power, Carb Addicts). Give your body the chance to adjust to the new WOE first, then cautiously add these products.
    KEYWORD moderation. Most low carbers find they can indulge very occasionally in a polyol-sweetened treat without consequence to their weight loss effort, and perhaps a mild laxative effect or some gas. It's a trade-off, but helps to stave off cravings for high-sugar goodies. A problem could develop though, for someone with carb-addiction .... these candies just become a substitute addiction. Also, the sweet taste can trigger EMOTIONS (for an addict) that will result in a "rush" of hormones and enzymes in the body, ultimately leading to an insulin spike ... and fat STORAGE. And remember that candy is NOT a meal substitute. There's little or no protein, vitamins or essential fatty acids.
    "Reduced Calorie Sweeteners: Polyols" from the Calorie Control Council
    "Letter to Health Minister Allan Rock from CSPI Canada" Sept/00, urging accurate labelling of food products containing sugar alcohols, health warnings of the Gastrointestinal effects, and recommendations for control of dose per serving.
    "All About Polyols" from SPI Polyols (manufacturer)

    Happy Low Carbing!

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