What Is Ketosis

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What Is Ketosis?

Most people have heard they should eat a low-carb diet for weight loss and/or better health, but the word “ketosis” might have some tilting their heads in confusion wondering what’s so special about this funny term. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the details you need to understand the process of ketosis in the body — and more importantly, how you can implement it in your own life! Before you can fully understand ketosis, let’s cover some simple facts about the body and energy. The primary source of energy in the body — which normally fuels every function of the body, from brain cognition to athletic performance — is glucose. You typically get glucose from your diet by eating carbohydrates like: sugar bread grains Beans and legumes fruit starchy vegetables These carbs either turn immediately into glucose in the body or are stored as glycogen in the body to be used as glucose later. However, sometimes the body will have a low supply of glucose, also known as blood sugar. This could be because a person is eating a low-carb diet. When there is no longer enough glucose for the body to use, it turns to an alternative source of energy: your fat stores. It takes the fat store Continue reading >>

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  1. GoProBro12

    This is my first post ever on reddit, and i have been following this subreddit along with keto for a couple months now. I have been on keto since lent started, and I have to say I love it. I had more energy, I didn't get cravings for food as much, and I got to eat all the fatty foods I loved without feeling guilty. I was already pretty fit to begin with, so I tried this out to try and lose the last amount of body fat to reveal my 6 pack, but I have not accomplished this yet. I am a 25 year old male, 182 lbs, 12% body fat. I started at about 190 lbs, and about 15-16% body fat.
    I had to take a blood test recently, and it showed that I had really high cholesterol, like 270 mG total cholesterol, and about 213 LDL calculated, but my triglycerides and HDL were all within normal limits. I dont know if I have been eating the wrong kinds of fat or what but I am worried about it. My Dr. said she wanted to put me on medication to lower it but I dont want to take medication if I can just adjust my diet.
    I usually drink a keto coffee in the morning, a tbsp of nescafe coffee, tbsp of heavy whipping cream, tsp of butter, and 3 tbsp MCT oil. I also cook all my meals with butter, and add some cheese to my meals. Is the high cholesterol possibly from too much MCT oil or butter? I am just worried I will have to get off this diet if this continues. All my other blood work came back normal other than the high cholesterol. Can someone help me and see if I am doing this diet wrong? Or is this normal since its a high fat diet?

  2. anbeav

    Search "cholesterol" for hundreds of posts with this exact question. LDL cholesterol alone is not predictive of risk. If your HDL and triglycerides are good then you likely have favorable big fluffy LDL and low particle count. I would educate yourself before making unnecessary changes. There are great links at /r/keto.

  3. spaceblacky

    Besides what the others said: it's not normal because your diet is high fat, it's because you are losing weight. The cholesterol from your fat cells get realesed into the bloodstream and show higher readings on a test. This isn't bad. Without knowing the particle size of hdl and ldl those tests are pretty meaningless though as they don't indicate anything useful.

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