What Is High Fasting Blood Sugar?

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Two blood sugar readings on video. 1) Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar 2) 30 minutes post meal.

What Causes High Fasting Glucose Readings?

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with diabetes is a high fasting glucose reading. We often think that what we ate for dinner or a nighttime snack is the cause of higher fasting glucose readings, but that’s not the case. In this article, Diane Kress discusses the causes of high fasting readings, how to handle them when they occur and what we can do to prevent them. If last night’s dinner or snack isn’t to blame, then what is? “…fasting readings have much more to do with the liver's release of glycogen during the sleep cycle.” The liver will release glycogen if some level of carbohydrates hasn’t been consumed in over 5 hours. Here are some tips to help you control your fasting readings: · Have a snack before bedtime with approx. 11 grams of carbs. Make sure your carb choice is one that doesn’t normally spike your glucose. · Exercise after dinner. Saving some of your daily exercise for the evening can help lower your fasting glucose readings. · Don’t consume too much alcohol in the evening. Drinking can lower your blood glucose in the short term, but may cause it to spike later on. · Get enough sleep. Stress can affect your blood glucose and too l Continue reading >>

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  1. dropped9

    I think I have narrowed down what is causing me to not be in ketosis...
    OH NO!
    Does it knock you out of ketosis?

  2. peauk

    I'd say for me no. I started off drinking my usual 5 cups a day, and was in ketosis. I reduced it & I was drinking 1 cup a day & still in ketosis. I think it varies from person to person whether it causes your weight loss to stall.

  3. CarlG

    Maybe try a half and half mix of regular and decaf to see if that helps at all? I have 12 oz of that every day with good steady weight loss while still getting my morning ritual / boost.

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Is Your Fasting Blood Glucose Higher On Low Carb Or Keto? Five Things To Know

This past spring, after 18 months of great success on the keto diet, I tested my fasting blood sugar on my home glucose monitor for the first time in many months. The result shocked me. I had purchased the device, which also tests ketones, when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in the fall of 2015. As I embarked on low-carb keto eating, I tested my blood regularly. Soon my fasting blood sugar was once again in the healthy range. I was in optimal ketosis day after day. Not only that, I lost 10 lbs (5 kg) and felt fantastic — full of energy with no hunger or cravings. Before long I could predict the meter’s results based on what I was eating or doing. I put the meter away and got on with my happy, healthy keto life. When my doctor ordered some lab tests this spring, I brought the meter out again. While I had no health complaints, excellent blood pressure and stable weight, she wanted to see how my cholesterol, lipids, HbA1c, and fasting glucose were doing on my keto diet — and I was curious, too. To check the accuracy of my meter against the lab results, on the morning of the test I sat in my car outside the clinic at 7:30 am, and pricked my finger. I was expecting to see a lov Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Fendi_Doll

    Ever Since starting keto I'd have cloudy urine on & off. Recently it came back & it seems to only in the middle of the night. I don't believe it's a UTI & I have been drinking about 10 cups of water a day. Is it vitamins or protein I'm losing? idk does anyone know whats going on?

  2. kiramaniac

    no idea, but when I google I find this site -
    It mentions high protein and dehydration as two things that can contribute. Your protein did look a bit high yesterday (I don't know if it's high enough that this would be the cause).
    This site has some more info-

  3. Fendi_Doll

    Gosh that could be so many things! 12 Possible causes leaving out prostate infection & snail fever (which I highly doubt).
    *sigh* I guess I'll have to go to the dang doctors. I was just curious if anyone else experienced this while on keto.
    Thanks again Kira

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Why Your “normal” Blood Sugar Isn’t Normal (part 2)

Hi, I just found this site and would like to participate. I will give my numbers, etc. First, my last A1c was 6.1, the doc said it was Pre-diabetes in January of 2014, OK, I get it that part, but what confuses me is that at home, on my glucometer, all my fastings were “Normal” however, back then, I had not checked after meals, so maybe they were the culprits. Now, I am checking all the time and driving myself crazy. In the morning sometimes fasting is 95 and other times 85, it varies day to day. Usually, after a low carb meal, it drops to the 80’s the first hour and lower the second. On some days, when I am naughty and eat wrong, my b/s sugar is still low, and on other days, I can eat the same thing, and it goes sky high, again, not consistent. Normally, however, since February, my fbs is 90, 1 hour after, 120, 2nd hour, back to 90, but, that changes as well. In February, of 2014, on the 5th, it was horrible. I think I had eaten Lasagne, well, before, my sugars did not change much, but that night, WHAM-O I started at 80 before the meal, I forgot to take it at the one and two hour mark, but did at the 3 hour mark, it was 175, then at four hours, down to 160, then at 5 hours, b Continue reading >>

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  1. NinaC

    Bolusing the patient with 2 Liters of NS is a common order for DKA basically to dilute the glucose. It is what is ordered commonly in the ER. If the attending had questions about the order and did not want to listen to your explanation, then you should have reffered her to the ER doctor or perhaps you could have asked the attending why the patient should not be bolused with the saline over that period of time.

  2. CEN35

    first you did nothing wrong............ second............clearly the attending/admitting doc was a moron. unless.........this person had a hx of chf/pulmonary edema, a-fib/flutter or recent cabg.
    let's start with many of the needed results and hx to treat properly. i'll answer tomorrow sometime.
    #1 - blood glucose initially was?
    #2 - etoh use?
    #3 - hx of dm yes or no?
    #4 - abg's - if his bs was really high and a true dka, then ph is crucial.
    #5 - the remainder of the chemistries +amylase+lipase+hfp are important, with a cbccdiff, chest x-ray, and ekg also.
    assuming he is/was a true healthy dka......the nss bolus is fine no problem there. it's not to dilute the bs, it's to rehydrate the intervascular system......because these people are severely dehydrated, from polyuria, secondary to the kidneys attempt to spill glucose.
    thiamine 100mg im or iv........because thiamine is a co-enzyme that allows the brain to use glucose.....if they are thiamine deficient anything else you do is futile. if the person is an excessive user of etoh, and may be the cause of this event...you may need to add an amp of mvi to the bag also. make sure nothing is given im if you think it is etoh related. if it is etoh related you want to avoid any im injections, if the liver is screwed up a little im shot could cause a large bleeding problem.
    then most like to start an insulin drip at 10 units per hour. some also like to give 10 units iv push, prior to starting the drip. why 10 units? the liver can only metabolize about 10 units an hour. anything more than that, is just asking for the patients blood sugar to take a dive to "0", after the drip is stopped. it dont get any worse than that!
    keep and eye on the one touches/accu-checks........stop the drip when it hits about 250. the other thing you want to do........is make sure you get the potasium checked when it hits about 250.......of course it also depends where it is initially. with most dka's > 700 you can expect the k to be between 5.5 and 7.9. as the glucose drops........so does the k. if they are at 750 glucose and 5.5 k, the risk is for the k to drop too about 2.8-3.2 or maybe lower when the glucose hits 250, so you need to compensate for that. of course......usually the k is going to be high......depending on the glucose say 750-1000 probably the k will be about 6.8 to 7.9.
    the good side of this.....is by the time they hit a glucose of 250.....they should have a k about 4.5 -5.8, which is good.
    outside of that stuff.............the only other things needed, are to keep the body temperature up......which can drop (i've seen them as low as 31.7c in a 72 degree house, and watch for arrhythmias and the b/p if they are acidodic.
    once the glucose is about 250........then they can go ahead with the d51/2nss to get the rest of the tissues hydrated.....and keep him from bottoming out.......and your home free!!!

  3. TI2Grr

    Janine Looks as if you did wonderfully.. The big thing here is making sure that you don't shift to quickly the patient is in acidosis and the most important thing is insuring his Ph changes occur slowly, thus you want to keep giving dextrose and maintain the blood glucose preferably above 200 or 250 so he/she doesn't crash on you, then presenting more problems. The important thing is watching Ph, and also Ketones in urine.. Hence you will be giving quite a lot of bolus, normally in a couple of different IV solutions, one probably being NS, and the other being a dextrose solution, and watching the shift occur from acidosis to a normal baseline.
    An important thing to realize here is that different strokes for different folks -- referring to Doc's here, and this shift can occur in a couple of different manners, initial phase of getting this person stabilized was done as normally seen by a lot of different facilities and also patients. Sounds like the intern didn't know what the heck was going on or didn't explain something else due to something seen in the patients lab values..
    Don't get frustrated.. You did well..

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