What Is High Fasting Blood Sugar?

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Two blood sugar readings on video. 1) Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar 2) 30 minutes post meal.

What Causes High Fasting Glucose Readings?

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with diabetes is a high fasting glucose reading. We often think that what we ate for dinner or a nighttime snack is the cause of higher fasting glucose readings, but that’s not the case. In this article, Diane Kress discusses the causes of high fasting readings, how to handle them when they occur and what we can do to prevent them. If last night’s dinner or snack isn’t to blame, then what is? “…fasting readings have much more to do with the liver's release of glycogen during the sleep cycle.” The liver will release glycogen if some level of carbohydrates hasn’t been consumed in over 5 hours. Here are some tips to help you control your fasting readings: · Have a snack before bedtime with approx. 11 grams of carbs. Make sure your carb choice is one that doesn’t normally spike your glucose. · Exercise after dinner. Saving some of your daily exercise for the evening can help lower your fasting glucose readings. · Don’t consume too much alcohol in the evening. Drinking can lower your blood glucose in the short term, but may cause it to spike later on. · Get enough sleep. Stress can affect your blood glucose and too l Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. JayKid

    Keto Breath?

    How bad does it smell? Can you avoid it with gum or mints?

  2. Tuxd

    you breath should not smell. Thats a symptom of ketoacidosis which is totally different. your urine will smell because thats were your liver will dump excess but ketones won't be flooding your body high enough to cause your breath to change.
    Are you detecting a change in your breath?

  3. Jason762

    Ermm... You DO get keto breath. I don't know if others can smell it, but I know I can certainly taste it.
    Just like how RANK ass bad breath can be tasted, so can keto breath.
    I notice keto breath especially after hard cardio exercise and in the mornings after sleeping.
    Yes, gums and mints can be used, but make sure it is sugar free as it can kick you out of keto. Also, some people have reported being kicked out of keto with artificial sweeteners, but I myself have had no problems with it.
    Honestly don't worry about it. Girls will be too busy noticing your new hot bod to give a s**t about your breath.

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Why Are Fasting Blood Glucose Numbers High?

Stumped by high fasting blood glucose results? Join the club. "It just doesn't compute. When I snack before bed, my fastings are lower than when I limit my night nibbles," says Pete Hyatt, 59, PWD type 2. "It's logical for people to point the finger for high fasting blood sugar numbers at what they eat between dinner and bed, but surprisingly food isn't the lead villain," says Robert Chilton, M.D., a cardiologist and professor of medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The true culprit is compromised hormonal control of blood glucose levels. The Essential Hormones During the years (up to a decade) that type 2 diabetes develops, the hormonal control of blood glucose breaks down. Four hormones are involved in glucose control: Insulin, made in the beta cells of the pancreas, helps the body use glucose from food by enabling glucose to move into the body's cells for energy. People with type 2 diabetes have slowly dwindling insulin reserves. Amylin, secreted from the beta cells, slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream after eating by slowing stomach-emptying and increasing the feeling of fullness. People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are amyl Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Gunna-make-it

    When I bought my Ketone Strips recently, I was provided with a leaflet explaining about Ketosis and the different colours. I thought I would share as I know there has been some confusion...
    Ketone Strips are used for Urinalysis of Ketones (Acetoacetic Acid). Ketostix provides a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence and concentration of Ketones.
    1) A colour change means you are excreting ketones, burning fat and are in Ketosis but it is wise to remember that it is possible to be in Ketosis and NOT lose or even to gain weight. While a positive test means you are burning fat as your promary fuel it does not necessarily mean you are losing weight. If you eat ecessively some fuel will be used by your bady, some will be excreted (making the stick positive) and some will be retained (and stored as fat).
    2) The degree of colour chage is NOT important with respect to identifying ketosis - you are either in ketosis or not, the sticks do not accurately measure degree in all people. Different people get different colours and this is completely unrelated to either their degree of weightloss or their adherance to the plan.
    3) No colour change does not necessarily mean you are not in ketosis. Some people never see a change. No change just means that the sticks are detecting none of the specific ketones for which it checks in the Urine.
    4) A dark colour many indicate that you are dehydrated however, a dark colour may just be normal for you. If you are drinking enough water and it is still dark, do not overload on water as it is probably your normal colour and too much water can be harmful.
    So in Summary:
    You are either in Ketosis or not - it does not matter what the colours say..
    Dark colours are not dangerous and could be your natural colour
    As long as the stick is showing any colour of pink, you are in Ketosis.
    Also, it is worth remembering that not eveyone has side effects when getting into ketosis..many people enter ketosis after day 1 and are unaware!

  2. annaphylactic

    Great post - puts a few old wives tales to rest I think... Thanks xx

  3. Huseyin

    good post and very well said.
    More info on this one too, there is a greater break down

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Blood Sugar Test

A blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood. Glucose is a major source of energy for most cells of the body, including brain cells. Carbohydrates are found in fruit, cereal, bread, pasta, and rice. They are quickly turned into glucose in your body. This raises your blood glucose level. Hormones made in the body help control blood glucose level. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Oni1jz


    You know when you are in full blow ketosis when: (self.keto)
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  2. Oni1jz

    effyourbeautystandards lol.

  3. kymandu

    Someone once told me to choose between a cup of butter and a bag of chips. I chose the former and was shunned.

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