What Is Dka Medical

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http://www.diabetesnew247.com/angiocl... People who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes can develop DHD. The higher a person's blood sugar level is, the higher his or her risk of DHD. Diabetes affects heart disease risk in three major ways. First, diabetes alone is a very serious risk factor for heart disease, just like smoking, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol. In fact, people who have type 2 diabetes have the same risk of heart attack and dying from heart disease as people who already have had heart attacks. Second, when combined with other risk factors, diabetes further raises the risk of heart disease. Although research is ongoing, it's clear that diabetes and other conditionssuch as overweight and obesity and metabolic syndromeinteract to cause harmful physical changes to the heart. Third, diabetes raises the risk of earlier and more severe heart problems. Also, people who have DHD tend to have less success with some heart disease treatments, such as coronary artery bypass grafting and percutaneous coronary intervention, also known as coronary angioplasty. Looking for a natural remedy to reverse coronary heart disease that work? We advise you to check out AngioClear

What Does A Doctor Do When He Does Not Like A Patient?

I think there’s a better answer, and that is to (1) use the scientific method, including an adequately sized and random sample, to (2) look at what doctors actually do, rather than what they say. The fact is, all humans are saddled with unconscious (aka implicit) cognitive biases - doctors included. So the first thing we need to do is consider all the ways doctors can unconsciously “not like” a patient. Misdiagnosis is 47% more likely to occur if patient is perceived as "difficult". These were misdiagnoses made from reading about the patients' symptoms and behaviors. In other words, simply reading about a patient who is fractious or pushes back is enough to get clinicians emotionally hooked and cognitively derailed. “there is evidence that doctors hold stereotypes based on patients' race that can influence their clinical decisions. Implicit bias refers to unconscious racial stereotypes that grow from our personal and cultural experiences. These implicit beliefs may also stem from a lack of day-to-day interracial and intercultural interactions. Although explicit race bias is rare among physicians, an unconscious preference for whites as compared with blacks is commonly revea Continue reading >>

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  1. Colleen

    I know its a stupid question, and Im sure some will say " you just know". I have been losing weight , but Im not sure if its because Im not eating carbs , or just eating better? probably both. Is there anyway to tell without wasting $$ on those ketosticks things?

  2. Phil

    Measurement is the only way to tell for sure, but as you regard that as a waste of money you're left with symptoms. Good luck.

  3. mariakk

    Hi Phil,
    Where would you suggest to buy the ketosticks from and if there are more types of ketosticks which type? Do they sell them in the pharmacies freely? xx

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If A Patient With Diabetic Ketoacidosis Eats 2 Spoonful Sugar, Will He Die?

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a medical emergency, and people in DKA are in a very dangerous situations. They are in no condition to eat two spoonfuls of anything. The blood glucose is very high, and the initial treatment uses small amounts of insulin, and enough saline to really dilute the the blood glucose. In the typical furor of DKA care, it is hard to imagine an five additional grams of glucose doing anything. It would require just a little bit more saline to take care of that amount. Glucose would never be given in the early stages of DKA care. Near the end of the treatment, when the glucose has already come down to about only double the normal level, glucose actually is given to patients in DKA. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Rania

    Wondering if anyone can tell me how quickly carbs effect the results on ketostix? I have been using ketostix to test out a few different foods and see how they effect me and ketosis. But I am never sure if I should test an hour after I have eaten it or the next morning or what!
    And then there have been times when I have thought I have not eaten anything that should take me out of ketosis and yet the result is not pink anymore! How do I work out approx how long ago I ingested whatever took me out of ketosis to try and pin point it?

  2. Sherrie

    Just test out one food at a time that way you'll always know which one is the culprit.
    Within 1-2 hours after eating you should see a change but it is always possible for a food to only take you out temporarily.
    If your in ketosis the following morning then it never took you out, just delayed the fat burning for a bit.
    Make sense?

  3. Rania

    Yup Thanks, I thought that was the case but I was just not sure.

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What Do You Miss The Most In Modern Medical Doctors?

What I miss in many of today's newer doctors is the absolute commitment to the patient. I blame the modern American residency programs with the hour restrictions starting about 15 years ago. This was done to try to reduce fatigue and medical errors. Studies show that the restricted hours did not do either. Somehow even with restricted hours, residents find other things to do besides sleep. But restricted hours have given newer doctors the idea that medicine is somehow shift work. The unintended consequence of restrictions in training hours makes one of the priorities in a training program getting the resident out the door to avoid accreditation penalties. Unfortunately, with very complicated ill patients, that priority can impact patient wellbeing. Studies show that the handoff during shift change is a leading cause of major medical errors in any hospital. This is likely to be even more dangerous in a teaching hospital. The new doctor coming on, particularly one in training, takes time getting up to speed on a complicated unstable patient. Safer Patient Handoffs | HMS When I was an intern at UCLA way back when, I admitted a woman in diabetic ketoacidosis and shock into the intensiv Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Nicky 6

    Hi all,
    I started last Sunday and did a full 7 days TFR before I foolishly fell off the wagon at a halloween Party at work, Think I was just tired and emotional! :cry: I really wish I hadn't as I'm now out of ketosis and feel V.annoyed with myself. Does any one know how long it takes to get back into it and will I lose this week?
    I can't believe I managed not to eat in a gastro pub with friends,or at Harvey Nicks where my mum,sis,and Aunt had cake then bloody ruined it with burger and cupcake at work (This is at least highlighting my weaknesses)
    Getting married in December and really wanna hit my target, Wanna be a sexy wife!

  2. sam01

    It should take 2-3 days I would think, I had a carvery and was back in Ketosis 2 days later, and I lost 1lb less than usual next weigh in.
    These things happen, don't be upset about it, just remember how well you have done so far

  3. Nicky 6

    Thanks Sam.. I've really beat myself up about it and almost gave up. I've not got loads to lose but I don't feel like myself at the size I am,:sigh: Really wanna be slim and body confident again especially in time for my wedding-We were only gonna get hitched next year so I thought I had ages to lose it but we decided to leg it to Gretna over New Year...Keep thinking of that hot tub on my honeymoon! The man thinks I'm Ok but I don't feel like I'm giving him my best-turning lights out all the time etc! Ahh well time to crack on I suppose and start afresh-Thankyou

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