What Is Compensated Respiratory Acidosis?

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Respiratory Acidosis: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Respiratory acidosis develops when air exhaled out of the lungs does not adequately exchange the carbon dioxide formed in the body for the inhaled oxygen in air. There are many conditions or situations that may lead to this. One of the conditions that can reduce the ability to adequately exhale carbon dioxide (CO2) is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. CO2 that is not exhaled can shift the normal balance of acids and bases in the body toward acidic. The CO2 mixes with water in the body to form carbonic acid. With chronic respiratory acidosis, the body partially makes up for the retained CO2 and maintains acid-base balance near normal. The body's main response is an increase in excretion of carbonic acid and retention of bicarbonate base in the kidneys. Medical treatment for chronic respiratory acidosis is mainly treatment of the underlying illness which has hindered breathing. Treatment may also be applied to improve breathing directly. Respiratory acidosis can also be acute rather than chronic, developing suddenly from respiratory failure. Emergency medical treatment is required for acute respiratory acidosis to: Regain healthful respiration Restore acid-base balance T Continue reading >>

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  1. fabienng

    Hi All, I post this thread here after /r/keto advice. So 1 week into the diet, i manage around 30gr carb/day so far I have lost about 2KG. I am 42, 170cm, now 80KG - I have always put on weight super easily, just looking at food makes me put on weight. Lately I am concerned because I have always been quite active, and I train regularly,however it is really difficult for me to loose wight. So I started this diet because I had plan to run a triathlon so I was monitoring my food since early January and expected loose 5KG as of today, it didn't happen, although I was very careful, no alcohol, protein, carbs, etc... the normal recommended diet. So I decided I couldn't take it anymore and because I had read a book on paleo I started research and found keto and started last week. My question is I am running 1 triathlon on 29/3 then a 1/2 ironman on 13/4 - is it wise to do it with a keto diet just started?? I am worried about how am i going to fuel etc ... yesterday I went for 10K tempo run, first "long" tempo in the diet, first 7km were ok, 3 last I felt quite down. Usually I run 10k very easily, i am used to marathon and ultras too, but yesterday I felt my legs heavy ... Any advice on what should i do or not, or may be it's stupid to do it because I am not keto adapted yet ?? Thanks for your advices. f.

  2. BulletAllergy

    If you've just went into ketosis now, you're most likely not fully keto adapted yet. The carb storages in your system will not be nearly enough for a 10k run, which means you will notice it when you run out! You should be fully adapted in a week or so. That's when the magic happens :)

  3. fabienng

    thanks 1 week exactly is my triathlon, weird distance though : 1.8 / 62 / 12 hopefully the magic will happen ...

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