What Is A Dka Episode?

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Type 1 Diabetes In Adults: Diagnosis And Management.

Go to: 12.1. Ketone monitoring [2015] 12.1.1. Introduction Ketosis and ketonuria reflect a greater degree of insulin deficiency than hyperglycaemia alone. The presence of ketones indicates that insulin concentrations are too low not only to control blood glucose concentrations but also to prevent the breakdown of fat (lipolysis). Because ketones are acid substances, high ketone concentrations in the blood may create acidosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a medical emergency and in its established state carries a 0.7–5% mortality in adults.459,476,784 High ketones in the blood are associated with high levels of fatty acids and together create insulin resistance. The patient with significant ketonaemia will require more insulin than usual to control the blood glucose. Traditionally, ketonaemia has been assessed by urine testing. This has been applied in three main settings: it is recommended as part of guidance for patient self-management of acute illness at home, when patients are advised to increase their usual corrective insulin doses in the presence of significant ketonuria; in the assessment of patients presenting to emergency services with hyperglycaemia, where presence of Continue reading >>

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  1. SnowPetal

    Just wondering if I am the only one doing keto that is calorie counting as well?. Most people incuding on other sites aren't calorie counting whilst on keto. I have been reading studies on keto and a calorie controlled diet and the weightloss is definitely greater - which is why i'm doing it.

  2. thepapillon

    I am doing that as well... What amount are you keeping your calories? I did some reading and it looks like restricting the calories too much on a keto diet can make the weight loss slow down. I'm glad to hear you've found positive results. I can't say I'm complaining... I've only been doing the keto/calorie counting for 9 days... and I've lost 8 pounds.
    And though 8 pounds that quickly seems like a lot, or most likely water weight... I'm already fitting into my size 4 clothes, where I was an 8 before! So I'm content whether it be water weight or fat. LOL

  3. SnowPetal

    I'm sticking to 800 calories. Which for my body is what it needs to lose weight even with keto - my hormones are seriously stuffed!.
    Which studies said it can slow down weightloss? That doesn't make sense to me since starvation mode is a myth.

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