What Does It Mean When U Have Ketones In Your Urine

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What Does An !e04 Reading Mean On A Prime Relion Meter Mean? - When I Insert A Test Strip On The Prime Reli On Meter An !e04 Reading Comes Up. What Does It Mean And What Should I Do? :: Ask Me Fast

What does an !e04 reading mean on a prime relion meter mean? "That looks like a batteryand the level showing on it will be more than..." If you notice when that E04 error comes upin the upper right corner you will see something that looks like a batteryand the level showing on it will be more than half low. this indicates a low battery charge and replacement should get things back to normal for you. Someone said: Approximately how much are batteries and where do you get them? Someone said: I will have to buy batteries before I can say it worked. "In the upper right corner of your monitor..." You will notice (when you get this E04 error.a little silohete of a battery in the upper right corner of your monitor. The shaded level of the battery will indicate it`s running low. Replace the battery and you should be back to normal. found a bottle of older strips (with opening..." It is NOT your machine. It is the new style strips. The end that goes into the machine should have an opening. The last few bottles I purchased has no such opening, they are solid. On strip out of 30 worked (that was a bad morning) Found a bottle of older strips (with opening) and they worked like a charm. Relion Continue reading >>

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  1. lifechange

    Hi guys, last couple of days something strange is happening to me and i would like someone to explaine me
    Around lunch i would do workout - finish it, normaly ( i know i am in ketosis because my sugar doesnt drop while i run 5km ) and i would eat my lunch set my temporary basal rate for 16 hours on 80%
    But here is what happens. In 2hours i would feel super hungry ( i am kicked out of ketosis ) - no more metalic taste in mouth - and i would go to hypo.
    First i thought its because of to much insulin, but than i realised that around 10pm i am back in ketosis and my insulin needs come back to ones before.
    Why does this happen ?
    Is maybe to little fat the reasson ?
    I am on 30 grams of carbs per day and 90 grams of protein = 1.2 proteing per 1kg.

  2. Medusa41

    Hi @lifechange - not sure of the answer here but how much fat do you eat daily?

  3. lifechange

    fat 205 / protein 90 / carbs 30.
    maybe my body gets confused after lunch due to notneniugh fat and switches metabolic state?

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