What Does It Mean For A Child To Have Ketones In Their Urine?

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What Does An !e04 Reading Mean On A Prime Relion Meter Mean? - When I Insert A Test Strip On The Prime Reli On Meter An !e04 Reading Comes Up. What Does It Mean And What Should I Do? :: Ask Me Fast

What does an !e04 reading mean on a prime relion meter mean? "That looks like a batteryand the level showing on it will be more than..." If you notice when that E04 error comes upin the upper right corner you will see something that looks like a batteryand the level showing on it will be more than half low. this indicates a low battery charge and replacement should get things back to normal for you. Someone said: Approximately how much are batteries and where do you get them? Someone said: I will have to buy batteries before I can say it worked. "In the upper right corner of your monitor..." You will notice (when you get this E04 error.a little silohete of a battery in the upper right corner of your monitor. The shaded level of the battery will indicate it`s running low. Replace the battery and you should be back to normal. found a bottle of older strips (with opening..." It is NOT your machine. It is the new style strips. The end that goes into the machine should have an opening. The last few bottles I purchased has no such opening, they are solid. On strip out of 30 worked (that was a bad morning) Found a bottle of older strips (with opening) and they worked like a charm. Relion Continue reading >>

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  1. Crabbycake

    I had a litter of 4 kittens, 14 weeks old, who came down with panleuk. The first two that got sick passed in less than 12 hours from their initial symptoms (they were being treated with fluids and karo), the second two both started showing symptoms a day after the second kitten had passed.
    These two seem a bit more resistant and have made it past the 24 hour mark. The vet gave them a shot for nausea sothey haven't been vomiting at least. They've been getting fluids and karo (although they hate the karo and try to fight me so they've only been getting about 1mL every 2 hours.) What worries me now is that they smell like they're in ketosis (acetone type smell) and I don't think I can give them much more karo without seriously stressing them out.
    What would be the best course of action? Force more karo? Give them fat instead? They're very resistant to anything by mouth. The rescues vet said they can't do anything more and to take them to the ER if I need more help but of course the rescue won't pay for that. I've never dealt with kittens in ketosis though.

  2. Sarthur2

    They need food - protein! Syringe feed them watered down Gerber turkey baby food every 1-2 hours.
    It sounds like way too much Karo syrup. Too much sugar.
    Use unflavored pedialyte instead of Karo. It is a proper electrolyte solution for helping dehydration.
    I hope they pull through.

  3. Crabbycake

    Ketosis is caused by a complete lack of carbohydrates so that wouldn't make any sense
    And thank you. I'm really hoping they make it. Every hour is a victory.

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