What Are The Symptoms Of Ketosis Flu

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How Would Switching From A High Carb Diet To A Cyclic Ketogenic Affect One's Performance In Strongman And Powerlifting Competitions?

You will have upto couple of weeks of what they call as “keto flu”, meaning you will feel low energy as your body adapts to burning fat instead of glucose. Some common symptoms are fatigue, headache, mental fog. But not everyone feels these symptoms. It is quite possible you will sail along just fine. Besides, these symptoms could be remedied by drinking plenty of water, consuming more electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) as you lose them during the initial stages of ketosis through urination, eating more fat, eating less protein. Continue reading >>

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  1. Tommy Sewall

    Your muscles will become sore while they recover from the localized effect of lactic acid or lactate. If it is systemic, that is to say, through out the whole body, the person will experience nausea, light headedness, rapid breathing and pulse. Don’t confuse it with ketoacidosis in diabetics. That is very different.

  2. Matthew Beech

    Cramping due to anaerobic respiration (which is what produces the lactic acid in the first place).

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