What Are The Symptoms Of Acidosis In Cattle?

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When Does Acidosis Occur?

Subclinical, or chronic, ruminal acidosis in broad terms is a fermentative disorder in the rumen. Acidosis can occur when cows are not properly transitioned onto high/sugar starch feeds, commonly brassicas or fodder beet. Or when large quantities of high starch/sugar feeds are included in the diet (e.g. greater than 6 kilograms of barley). The rumen in the cow is a huge “fermentation vat” where rumen microbes ferment feed, ready for further digestion in the rest of the intestinal tract or for direct use by the cows for things like milk production. What are the symptoms of acidosis? Cows with mild clinical acidosis will exhibit scouring, will be off their feed and hanging back from the rest of the herd. Subclinical acidosis In lactating animals, sub-clinical acidosis is usually of greater economic importance than the clinical disease and can often affect a significant proportion of the herd. How to treat acidosis? Treatment of acidosis depends on the severity of the case. Seek veterinary attention if cows are down. If a few cows get mild acidosis, ensure the time and space allocations are being achieved and reduce the allocation back to 2-3 kg DM until all cows are eating it. An Continue reading >>

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  1. Anguscollegekid

    What exactly is acidosis, how does it occur and what determines if they live or quick death?

  2. milkmaid

    Good grief... there's no such thing as a short answer to that question. Best suggestion would be to run a search on the boards and/or on google before asking here.
    My very concise answers to your questions... acidosis is a state where the pH of the animal's rumen and/or body organs, blood, etc, drop below normal levels to an acidic pH. Usually caused by grain overload, can also be caused by diarrhea (loss of electrolytes). As with any problem, the level of severity and prompt treatment determine the outcome.

  3. 1982vett

    I find this to be a pretty good source of information.
    http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index ... d=acidosis

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