What Are Some Consequences Of Ketosis

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Side Effects Of A Ketogenic Diet

Tweet Like any significant change to your diet, when starting a ketogenic diet, it is normal to experience one or more side effects as the body adapts to a new way of eating. When going on a ketogenic diet, the body has to switch its fuel source from the glucose in carbohydrate to using its own fat stores, and this can lead to experiencing some of the following side effects: Loss of salts Keto-flu Changes in bowel habits Leg cramps Bad breath Loss of energy Usually these side effects are temporary and can usually be remedied. Loss of salts There are some changes with fluid balance that can typically occur within the first couple of weeks of a ketogenic diet. This happens as the body uses up its stored sugar (glycogen) which releases water into the blood that gets passed out of the body through urine. As fluid is passed out of the body, salts in the body can get depleted too. As a result, you may experience a loss of fluid and salts as you move into and maintain ketosis. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated through the day. Water is the best drink for hydration but tea and coffee are also fine as long as they’re not very milky. Ensure you have enough salt as this can prevent side Continue reading >>

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  1. Dryden Cope

    Many consequences of the Continuum Hypothesis can be found in the paper: http://www.math.yorku.ca/~stepra... . Also this review of Sierpinski's book on the Continuum Hypothesis mentions several similar references:http://www.ams.org/bull/1936-42-... . There is a web page dedicated to the Continuum Hypothesis here: http://www.ams.org/bull/1936-42-... www.ii.com/math/ch/ .

  2. David Joyce

    The largest consequence is a lack of completeness. The Continuum Hypothesis lacks axiomatic support and therefore from Kurt Godel we know it is impossible to logically prove that it is true using our set of axioms in ZFC. Completeness is what makes mathematics solid and without it, and assuming one case of the GCH creates a false sense of completeness within ZFC. You can't actually prove it works or doesn't work in ZFC.

  3. Manees Mehta

    Watch this explanation

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