What Are Signs Of Ketosis

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7 Signs You Are In Ketosis

The Ketogenic Diet (also known as “keto”) has been all over social media. You’ve probably seen ripped fitness models claiming that Keto gave them their physique, and the even more inspiration stories of normal people like you and me, who lost weight and reclaimed their lives through this diet called Keto. If you’re not sure what the Ketogenic Diet is, head on over to What is a Keto Diet? (Ketogenic Diet 101). Over there I’ve detailed what exactly Keto is and isn’t, given you meal plans, snacks, and answered all of your questions about the diet. But let’s say you’ve jumped into Keto with both feet, and now you want to know “Is this working?” I don’t blame you. It can be hard to tell what’s going on inside your body. Are you in Ketosis? Are you eating few enough carbs? Are you shedding fat? Well, there are 7 obvious ways to tell if you’re in ketosis, without testing your blood or urine. Here are the signs you’re in Ketosis: 1. Weight Loss Weight loss is the first and most obvious sign that you’re in ketosis. The weight loss happens for a variety of reasons, but it’s important to note that it’s very fast in the beginning. This is because when you swit Continue reading >>

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  1. Capricorn1

    Hi, I never know if I am in ketosis or not since I don’t have ketosis strips. I am losing weight very slow with crazy ups and downs, mostly because of my water retention.
    I am wondering is there are any physical signs of being in ketosis? Is it possible to feel it?
    Also, do you think the fact that I retain water indicates that I am not in the ketosis? (I do drink my 1.5 L of water per day).

  2. kristie88

    Im so glad you asked this question because I have been wondering myself. eveyone here is helpful so im sure you will get your answer.

  3. FatCat

    Yes there are ways to tell if you are in ketosis. You may, or may not have any or all of the signs, but here are some signs:
    metallic or sweet taste in the mouth
    bad breath that can be hard to get rid of
    stronger smelling urine
    stronger body odor
    best of all.....lack of appetite

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