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January Water Fast: What I Ate After Fasting And How Much Did I Gain?

It’s been just about 50 hours since I ended my 12 day January Water Fast. (my fast ended on Saturday morning, right now it’s Monday morning) I’ve actually learned so much about my body and my eating habits in such a short period of time that it’s astonishing. First of all – I sincerely love food and even more so love to cook. My kitchen is my happy place and I’m totes happy to be cooking/eating again. However, Eating 3 meals on Saturday was just way too much food. When you complete a water fast the most important aspect to ensure you don’t regain the weight you lost, is to not return to the same eating style you had before your fast (if you weren’t eating healthily) Ray & I are eating low-carb/high-fat in order to maintain our ketogenic state (i.e. fat burning machine. While many people say that you need to end a water fast with soft foods, we took a less traveled path of eating real food. And it was a huge success. Between Ray & I we were on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to digestion — for some it moves a little fast and some it moves a little slow (at the request of my hubby I won’t get into specifics but I’m sure you get my drift) We didn’t feel Continue reading >>

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  1. Feigenbutz

    Jump-starting ketosis prior to water fasting?

    From what I've researched on blood tests performed while fasting, it takes about 48 hours of water fasting before your body switches into full ketosis. Hence, why the first couple of days can be difficult. (I'm on my third day of water fasting now and last night around the 45-hour mark, I really wanted to eat.)
    Here's my question: Is there a way to jump-start the ketosis process so that the next time I fast I can skip that uncomfortable ketosis switch? Has anyone here started a water fast while already in ketosis? Or can something like MCT oil help at the beginning of a water fast to speed up the ketosis process?

  2. rt79w

    If you eat meat: Bacon.
    If you don't: Raw almonds.

  3. shonoob

    Why almonds?

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