The Body Can Make Glucose From Fatty Acids. Quizlet

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Multiple Choice Questions- Lipid Metabolism (revision)- Set-2

1. Which of the following are the ketone bodies? a) Acetyl co A and Propionyl co A b) Lecithin and Lysolecithin c) Acetoacetate and Betahydroxy butyrate d) Pyruvate and lactate e) Succinyl co A and succinate 2. The enzyme ‘Thiolase’ catalyzes the conversion of- a) 2 Acetyl co A to Acetoacetyl co A b) Acetyl co A to Malonyl co A c) Fatty acid to Fatty Acyl co A d) Succinyl co A to succinate e) Propionyl co A to D- Methyl malonyl co A 3. In contrast to secondary bile salts, which of the following is characteristic of primary bile salts? a) Are hydroxylated at carbon 7 b) Have an oxidized side chain c) Form co A derivatives d) Can be conjugated to Glycine or Taurine e) Are reabsorbed in the intestine 4. Which of the following statements best describes the fatty acid synthase complex? a) Is a dimer of dissimilar subunits b) is composed of 7 different proteins c) Dissociates in to eight different proteins d) Catalyzes 8 different enzymatic steps e) Is composed of covalently linked enzymes 5. The end product of fatty acid synthesis in mammals is – a) Arachidonic acid b) Linoleic acid c) Stearic acid d) Palmitic acid e) Erucic acid 6. Which enzyme often mal functions in diseases ass Continue reading >>

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  1. maxell

    I'm wondering how people are coping with the stinky smell of ketosis. I'm on a ketogenic low-carb diet -- usually 60g of net carbs or less. I've tested myself with ketostix several times and I can smell the rancid urine smell when I pee.
    The problem here is that my toilet doesn't seem to flush completely and the ketogenic smell stays in the bathroom and even leaks to the living room. My super came in to my apartment once and asked what that smell is, whether I'm flushing my toilet.
    I've been using Lysol before I leave to air out the bathroom but that doesn't seem to be enough. Now, I'm using air fresheners, fragrance refills, and toilet bowl cleaners but I can still smell it when I enter my apartment. Not as bad but the smell is unmistakable.
    How do people deal with this ketogenic smell? It's good that I'm ketogenic. But I can do without the smell.

  2. skunk

    my daily carbs is less than 20 grams, and the acetone in my breath is so strong, i swear i can knock out flies LOL
    Not just that, my sweat has a strange smell too.
    I guess we just have to get used to it?
    At least now i know how Paleolithic Cavemen used to smell like lol

  3. Matt51

    A healthy person on a ketogenic diet, should only be slightly in ketosis according to the keto-sticks. After a couple weeks in ketosis, you should not be having a problem with bad breath or urine. 60g carbs a day is more than enough one should be out of ketosis.
    My guess is you have some other problem. Taking an activated charcoal tablet a day should help with the odor.

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