Sugar And Ketosis

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Ketogenic Diet

Your Interest Level for Health and Diet Changes/Ketosis I figured out an easy way to to match up your health interest level with actions to take. Please share this with everyone so they can also set a target or goals for their health to match up their interest level. Steps to Ketosis For a brand new person wanting to burn fat, these are the steps in order. They can be done on a gradient basis. Don’t forget to get out of ketosis daily, weekly, or every ten days so your body can use insulin once in awhile. How Much Ketosis is Good For Me? An easy way to gauge the effort and numbers needed to get into ketosis. Also, a proper range of glucose/sugar ratio in the blood so you can monitor your status. Increase or decrease the total grams of the macronutrients to meet your calorie needs. The Backbone of Health: The Metabolic Pathway Ignore the marketing, follow the physiology. This metabolic pathways poster is easy to understand. When you know it, you’ve surpassed the knowledge of 99% of healthcare practitioners. Here’s a link to get your own electronic version of this poster. Protein Powder vs. Fat Powder Check out my thoughts on protein powders, and why I have added a new fat powde Continue reading >>

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  1. Pistolfist

    I want to check with the community as I can't find too much information, the general consensus I can find from google is don't have sugar because sugar is a carb and carbs are anti-ketogenic, but I knew this already.
    But say hypothetically, it's a friday and I have friends round, I've had 2g of carbs in my day so far and I decide to get the tumblers out and make a couple of old fashioneds, I weigh the sugar out to be no more than 8g (of course, I don't think I need to worry about the other ingredients - whisky, angostura bitters and water), say I have two of these that's 16g of sugar. So even if the sugar is 100% carb, I'm still only on an 18g total for my day which is less than my 20g target - is this still going to kick me out of keto?
    I'm just curious because I do love an old fashioned and it's not a sweet drink despite the sugar so I don't know about the insulin response here?
    In short, even if I am below 20g of carbs, can I still not have any sugar?

  2. Pistolfist

    I've been making old fashioneds with stevia and they still taste pretty good!
    I had intended on asking a whisky/whiskey/alcohol related subreddit the question, if an old fashioned still worked with stevia (I mean, you must need like this absolute tiniest amount, right?) but I couldn't think of a decent sub to ask it, I'm only subscribed to /r/whisky and I don't imagine mentioning a cocktail would go down there. I will definitely give it a try though!

  3. RefindingMe

    It's certainly not the best idea to get your day's worth of carbs from straight up sugar, as you should try for natural vegetable sources.
    But if every now and then, you want to let loose with your buddies, it's fine as long as it's the rare exception and not the rule. That many carbs at once may throw you out of ketosis momentarily, but as long as you get back to eating properly as quickly as possible, you should be fine.
    I should point out that if you're still just starting, this will really screw up keto adaptation, so try and wait a month or two before doing this. Your gut will thank you.

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