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The 5:2 Diet Works — But The Side Effects Are Pain, Misery And Bad Breath

The body is a temple. In January, for the most part, it is a rather large and overfed temple. This year, under the pressure of constant lifestyle and dietary advice, I decided on a remedy: the intermittent fasting diet. The regime, which instructs dieters to feast for five days a week and fast for the remaining two, originally took the States by storm in 2013. It has gradually crept over the pond, with numerous bestselling books (The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer and The Fast Diet Recipe Book) and celebrity adherents (Benedict Cumberbatch). In fact, it’s not just contemporary ‘celebs’ who are singing its praises: Plato once said ‘I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency’; Aristotle was said to be a faster, too. Martin Luther announced: ‘It is right to fast frequently in order to subdue and control the body.’ So what is it? The diet — more commonly known as the 5:2 diet — dictates that you only need acknowledge it twice a week. On these ‘fasting days’, dieters are advised to consume 25 per cent of the recommended daily calorie intake (that’s 500 calories a day for women, and 600 for men). The 5:2 was originally championed by TV me Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. formyhealth

    I get mouth sores when going into ketosis (and I guess being in ketosis, too). I have noticed that this happens and its been pretty consistent over the last decade. Today I got a new one and I think its because I didn't drink my normal amount of water (a gallon) yesterday. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you agree about the water?

  2. SweetSugaree

    I get mouth sores as well when I do not drink tons of water like I should. I will wake up in the morning with a sore due to dry mouth. What I have learned to do is keep water next to my bed, also, I make sure before i go to bed I drink a cup of water or so. One thing I also do is right before bed I swish with Biotene. It really does help a lot. Hope you can find some things that work for you.

  3. E.W.

    Are you talking about canker sores, those small real painful sores? If you are I
    found that if I went to bed with a milk of magnesia tablet on it by the time i got up
    in the morning it was almost gone. Sure it hurts for a moment when you first put
    it on the sore but this only last a few seconds. Then just put another one or 2 on the
    sore during the day and it's gone.

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