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What’s Causing A Sweet Taste In My Mouth?

What is this condition? Sweetness is one of at least five basic tastes detected by the tongue’s taste buds. Others include sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and a balanced flavor called umami. Normally you’ll only taste sweetness after eating something that contains sugar. This could be something more natural, like honey or fruit, or something processed, like ice cream. Some medical conditions can cause a person to experience a sweet taste in their mouth even if they haven’t eaten something sweet. Continue reading to learn more. Doctors are still learning more about the causes of this unusual symptom. However, some causes appear to include: Metabolic problems, such as diabetes, ketosis, or a thyroid disorder. Metabolic disorders can affect the body’s ability to taste, causing a background sweet taste in the mouth and large preference for very sweet-tasting foods. Neurological problems, such as stroke, seizure disorder, or epilepsy. A sweet taste in the mouth can be an early symptom of neurological issues. Viruses that attack the body’s ability to smell. Disruptions in the body’s olfactory system — the system that allows the body to smell — can result in a sweet taste Continue reading >>

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  1. puppydfh

    ketosis sore throat

    I've had this awful sore throat all of last week and still today. It never occurred to me to be ketosis related until I started really thinking about it and looked it up.
    I start out in the morning sorta fine and by late afternoon to early evening it gets so bad like I'm swallowing Razer blades. I've been taking Advil and it takes the edge off but never find completely.
    Is this really really really a side effect of ketosis and how on earth could it be? My throat also dries up making me cough my head off and at times my throat feels like it is going to close up and is quite scary.
    I'm drinking allot of water but not going to the bathroom much more then normal. Seriously the pain is bad I was going to go to my clinic Monday.
    So any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated and when will it go away ? I had the taste of metal in my mouth today btw and I have filings so thought one was leaking and a few days ago my hubby said I had an awful odor on my breath that he never smelled before but of course didn't say anything till now when he was reading all these side effects. I still don't get any change on ketostix for all this other stuff.

  2. Patdart

    Keto breath is frequently reported. Don't know anything about the throat, so maybe see a doctor about it.

  3. Aaron1963

    I'm usually quite sensitive to getting a sore throat if I catch a cold or such. I've been feeling a very minor sore throat for the past 5 days now, though being it's so minor compared to normally being much worse if I'm sick, I haven't really worried about it. Along with it, when I first wake up, my mouth/throat is very dry. I haven't had the issue before, at least not regularly. It's at that point when I wake up with the dry throat/mouth that I can smell the ketones on my breath. I take a few gulps of my saliva out of habit to clear the dryness, and with that it's usually enough to eliminate the strong ketone smell until I have my breakfast, after which I never notice the smell at all. Hadn't really thought about my dry mouth / sore throat being related to ketosis, except this morning I did think that my dry mouth was making the ketones on my breath more noticeable. But having ketones in my throat/mouth I guess would make some sense for why I'm getting this effect, being it's likely just some simple chemical reaction. Certainly not annoying enough in my case though to do anything about it, other than I've also been drinking more water than normal, and as you, not needing to urinate any more than usual because of it. I have no cough related to it at all.

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