Signs You're In Ketosis

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10 Signs You Could Be In Ketosis, And What To Do

Ketosis tends to be thought of as a word associated with diabetes, and in fact, it’s a word that diabetics fear. People with this condition are closely monitored for ketones in their urine, which can be an indication of a dangerous condition that can be life-threatening to a diabetic. However, very few people understand exactly what ketosis is, outside of its supposed dangers to those suffering from blood-glucose-related conditions. Ketosis, for example, isn’t always a bad thing for healthy people. It is, in fact, a normal metabolic process and in some ways is essential to your body’s normal functioning. It can be a means by which people can achieve weight loss. It’s a risk factor in diabetics because of other things that it represents—specifically, not using insulin properly. What exactly is ketosis, and how does it affect your body function? Let’s examine what ketosis is, how it works, the function it serves in your body, and the signs you might be in ketosis, as well as how to monitor for danger and when to seek medical attention for the condition. What is ketosis? Ketosis is something that happens naturally in your body[1] when you need to burn something other than Continue reading >>

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  1. Bellyman

    I am just wondering if there are any signs of ketosis that one can watch for that a person can see without any sort of testing? Are there things that happen physically that give clues?
    I don’t have any means of testing anything. I have a simple bathroom scale. That’s pretty much my only tool.
    I’ve been eating what I think is a pretty strict keto diet for about 4 days shy of one month. I’ve had a day or two when I didn’t exactly feel the greatest but never anything resembling the flu. I’ve had a couple of small oopsies but quite small ones, not within the last week or so, and less than I would have fingers for counting on one hand. I’ve been pretty good. I haven’t done anything extraordinary exercise wise, just a little walking. I’ve lost 19 pounds and feel pretty good. Brain seems pretty clear. No real issues that I can point towards except maybe a few restless nights, but even that isn’t dramatic, and getting used to new bowel habits.
    One thing I have noticed several times in the last week, when I take a shower in the mornings, I kinda notice what I think might be my breath. It’s not quite the same acetone smell I’ve noticed after a hard workout (when I had my elliptical machine). But it’s still a peculiar smell. I’ve wondered if that might be a hint that I may be in ketosis.
    So that got me to wondering whether that or maybe some other subtle things might be little clues of being in ketosis.
    I hope I haven’t plowed right into the content of a previous thread. I didn’t see it if it’s here, though, I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t read them all.
    Glad to hear what you think if you’d care to share!

    And thanks for being here to talk about something that so many people haven’t a clue about. To most, it’s total deer-in-the-headlights talking about keto.

  2. Just_Todd

    And thanks for being here to talk about something that so many people haven’t a clue about. To most, it’s total deer-in-the-headlights talking about keto.

    The people here are the salt of the earth. (See what I did there?) I’m curious to hear responses to your question.

  3. Daisy

    Unless you have a really broken metabolism and need super super low carbs you are in ketosis and have been for a while. It does take a bit longer to really start running on fat as routine - what people call being fat adapted.

    It drove me mad not knowing though and I had to get gadgets!

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