Ruminal Acidosis In Goats

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Ruminal Lactic Acidosis In Sheep And Goats.

Abstract The clinical findings in 37 sheep and goats with acute ruminal lactic acidosis included a disturbed general condition characterised by anorexia, apathy, teeth grinding and muscle twitching, ruminal stasis, and the excretion of soupy or watery faeces. The ruminal fluid of affected animals was milky, had a sour odour and a low pH. There was a predominance of Gram-positive bacteria in smears of ruminal fluid. In comparison with 10 control animals, the rumen fluid of 23 sheep with ruminal lactic acidosis had higher lactic acid and lower volatile fatty acid concentrations. In addition, the affected animals often had haemoconcentration and metabolic acidosis. Treatment included single or repeated transfer of ruminal fluid from healthy cows and, depending on the severity, the administration of antacids, yeast and chlortetracycline, and the intravenous infusion of isotonic sodium chloride and 5 per cent sodium bicarbonate solutions. Of the 37 treated sheep and goats, four died within 24 hours, and three others were euthanased after one, two and three days because their condition rapidly deteriorated. Thirty animals were discharged one to nine days after treatment. Twenty-nine of t Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Subodh Kumar

    Dear Usman,
    Have you considered that in nature goats were always self fed only on green leaves.So it would seem you can try increasing the green leaf fodder to start with. Next you may like to recall that good drinking water for goats used to be from clean streams. Now such good clean drinking water is rare even for humans. Good clean mineral rich sweet drinking water slightly alkaline . Its pH can go up to 8.5..
    In my humble opinion try improving these instead of treating with medicines.

  2. Dr.Tadimeti Hanumanta

    I fully agree with Dr.Subodh, however the question by Dr.Usman is the treatment of already affected goats.
    This is rampant even in the indian conditions, when goats are reared in urban places.
    The treatment is to feed Sodium Bicarbonate, around 25 gm saturated in 1/2 litre of water.
    Hope this works for you Dr.Usman

  3. Subodh Kumar

    Sodium bicarbonate - a good suggestion. But take care of water. Make it alkaline if possible.

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