Respiratory And Metabolic Acidosis And Alkalosis

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Metabolic And Respiratory Acidosis And Alkalosis

There are two main types of pH imbalances in the body: acidosis and alkalosis. An increase in H+ ion levels in the blood causes pH levels to fall resulting in acidosis. A decrease in H+ levels causes pH levels to rise, making the blood more basic, or alkaline. These conditions can be caused by two kinds of disturbances to the buffers that control the body’s pH levels, which alter the acid-base balance. Metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis are the results of disruptions to the bicarbonate and carbonic acid components of the chemical buffers. Metabolic and respiratory acidosis result when pH levels fall due to an increase in H+ ions or a loss of bases causing the bodily fluids to become slightly acidic. Insufficient bicarbonate levels lower the pH levels of fluids in the digestive tract, resulting in metabolic acidosis. Respiratory acidosis is caused by excessive carbonic acid in the respiratory system, which lowers pH levels through the retention of CO2. Alkalosis is the result of opposite changes to the acid-base balance: excessive bicarbonate levels in the digestive system increases pH as H+ ion concentrations decrease, which causes fluids to become more basic. Insuf Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. melokay

    I gained a couple of lbs over night and havent had over 20 carbs in a day this passed week. Just curious if too much protein can have an adverse effect on ketosis. I did eat a lot yesterday but I was kind of under the assumption that there was no suck thing as too much fat and protein.

  2. Hanneyh1

    Protein is turned to glucose in the absence of carbs when there is more protein intake than your body can use to replenish muscle. (See the FAQ). So yes you can eat too much protein. If it's once in a while (which it sounds like it is), it's NBD, but don't do it all the time. Stick close to your goals a majority of the time. The only thing with too much fat is the calorie count. Again though, if it was a one time thing, NBD.

  3. Junkbot

    People eat over 100g protein/day all the time... where did you get that number?

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