Respiratory Acidosis Sepsis

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In this video we discuss the progression of a systemic infection including systemic inflammatory response syndrome, sepsis, severe sepsis, septic shock and multi organ dysfunction syndrome.

Phenotyping Community-acquired Pneumonia According To The Presence Of Acute Respiratory Failure And Severe Sepsis

Phenotyping community-acquired pneumonia according to the presence of acute respiratory failure and severe sepsis Aliberti et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.2014 Acute respiratory failure (ARF) and severe sepsis (SS) are possible complications in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). The aim of the study was to evaluate prevalence, characteristics, risk factors and impact on mortality of hospitalized patients with CAP according to the presence of ARF and SS on admission. This was a multicenter, observational, prospective study of consecutive CAP patients admitted to three hospitals in Italy, Spain, and Scotland between 2008 and 2010. Three groups of patients were identified: those with neither ARF nor SS (Group A), those with only ARF (Group B) and those with both ARF and SS (Group C) on admission. Among the 2,145 patients enrolled, 45% belonged to Group A, 36% to Group B and 20% to Group C. Patients in Group C were more severe than patients in Group B. Isolated ARF was correlated with age (p < 0.001), COPD (p < 0.001) and multilobar infiltrates (p < 0.001). The contemporary occurrence of ARF and SS was associated with age (p = 0.002), residency in nursing home (p = Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. groovebliss

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad you experienced cognitive benefits.
    I can't help but wonder what your experience would be like if you extended the experiment beyond 30 days since it can take, according to Nora Gedgaudas, six weeks to be keto-adapted and according to Dr. Stephen Phinney, even a couple of months. For instance, I wonder if that opioid high would return once your body was fully adapted. One of the problems with some studies of ketogenic diets is that they don't last long enough for the subjects to be fully keto-adapted.
    Regarding the gut trouble, did you eat that exact same menu everyday? I'm wondering if there were some foods in there to which you have an intolerance (it's not uncommon to have a sensitivity to eggs or nuts). Daily ingestion of those might have just been too much for your body.

  2. str3

    Yeah, I've read about the longer adaptation period too, and I think I'll have to do a longer experiment in the future.
    It's funny how I have this very mild brain fog when I eat the so called "normal diet", but the brain fog is so mellow that you can only detect it once you have a point of reference which is ketosis in this case.
    Once I was in ketosis I had a epiphany that "hey, I've had a mild brain fog all of my life."
    Yes, I ate pretty much the same every day, but in end, everything I ate gave me a stomach ache and diarrhea, except a probiotic yogurt which immediately helped with my symptoms. But now when I think about it, I should've added more fermented foods on my plate, like cheese.

  3. greenergrasssyndrome

    Were you ingesting liquid during your feeding time? I've seen some circumstantial evidence from r/zerocarb stating that liquid should be avoided an hour before and 2 after a meal to abate explosive diarrhea.

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Acid-base Balance Understanding Is Critical To Treat Patients

Acid-Base Balance Understanding is Critical to Treat Patients By James Tanis, MD, NRP dvxxtrvscafftzcatwdtzeytyyc , Joseph E. DiCorpo, BSC, MMSc, PA , Daniel Friedman, DO, EMT-P , Mark Merlin, DO, EMT-P, FACEP Every critically ill patient we encounter in the field will have an acid-base derangement; therefore, an understanding of acid-base balance is critical to properly treat patients. First, its important you appreciate that every chemical reaction that occurs in the human body is regulated or substantially influenced by the hydrogen ion (H+) concentration in the surrounding tissue, from the way hemoglobin picks up and delivers oxygen to the tissues to the way that sugar, protein and fat are metabolized by the body. The regulation of hydrogen ions, which we measure as pH, is what acid-base balance refers to. The bodys concentration of hydrogen ions must be maintained within a strict range for optimal cellular function, and even a small deviation can significantly affect a patient.1Its a complex balancing act that you can affect based upon your assessment of the patients vital signs. An acid has a pH below 7.0 and an increased concentration of hydrogen ions, while an alkaline has Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. KetogenicJoseph

    What's up guys? Hope everyone is having a good day so far. Anyway's I have been doing some reading on the Ketogenic diet. I have a friend who just graduated from medical school and we were talking about the potential long term effects of being on a high fat diet. He suggested that being on a high fat diet, over time, can lead to a build up of plague in your arteries. I don't know if I necessarily believe that but after further research I discovered that many of the things that I eat on a Keto diet can, in turn, cause plague build up over a period of time. What are y'alls thoughts on this?
    Also, I started reading up on the "potential dangers" of a keto diet. One article which seemed pretty biased and not based on evidence said this: .,.. if you're on a strict low carbohydrate diet, you can say goodbye to intense weight training, track intervals, or just about any activity that would be consider “tempo”, “threshold”, or “intervals”. And this is the stuff that adds lean muscle to your body, boosts your metabolism and gets you fit fast – compared to a slow and sluggish slog in your “fat-burning zone”. This is not negotiable by your body. It is simple physiology. When you deplete muscle glycogen, there is a directly proportional increase in muscle fatigue, and also an increase in muscle catabolism (direct metabolism of your body's own muscle protein, or conversion of that protein into glucose via gluconeogenesis). Many people on a low-carbohydrate diet simply stop exercising, because it can suck so much.

    Now. I have heard that people get some really good work outs in when they are on Keto and even when they are fasting. I don't buy the fact that eating a low carb diet can lead you to not being able to work out. In fact I have seen other physical, tangible evidence of people working out with great results on Keto. What are y'alls take on this dogma?

  2. NelleG

    He suggested that being on a high fat diet, over time, can lead to a build up of plague in your arteries.
    of course he did. he just graduated from med school and that’s what he’s been taught. It’s going to be a loooong time before the fallacy of fat causing heart disease and plaque is taught in med school. How else will they be able to push statins? ( a best selling med of all time)

    Do some poking around on this site, Richard and others have posted a lot of info debunking this very thing.

  3. keehan

    He suggested that being on a high fat diet, over time, can lead to a build up of plague in your arteries.

    High fat in conjunction with high carb would be more correct IMHO. Of the dietitians and nutritionists I’ve (personally) seen, they can’t seem to get a grasp on the idea of low/zero carb, so therefore high fat automatically comes with high carb. Normal carb for them is 200-300g daily or more. Under 100g is low for them, and some will frankly tell you that you cannot survive on the <20g level of a real Keto diet.

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Hypercapnia And Acidosis In Sepsis:a Double-edged Sword? | Anesthesiology | Asa Publications

The effects of hypercapnia in sepsis may be a function of the hypercapnia or the acidosis per se . As discussed, the effects of HCA on the immune response seem to be predominantly a function of the acidosis, rather than the hypercapnia per se , but the fact that the acidosis is hypercapnic rather than metabolic is of importance. The potential exists for hypercapnia to exert direct effects, independent of pH changes. A specific example is the binding of carbon dioxide to free amine groups on proteins to form carbamates, which can alter certain protein behavior or activity. The classic example is hemoglobin in which carbamino formation alters HbO2affinity. In addition, the potential for buffering of a HCA to modulate its effects in sepsis is also of importance. Buffered hypercapnia, that is, hypercapnia in the presence of normal pH, seems to worsen lung injury induced by intrapulmonary bacterial instillation. 36 To avoid the confounding effects of the administration of exogenous acid and/or alkali, animals were first exposed to environmental hypercapnia until renal buffering had restored pH to the normal range. These animals were then subjected to intrapulmonary inoculation of E. co Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Ready2Ket0

    Hi all,
    I'm considering starting keto, but first I was wondering if anybody is aware of any sort of negative side effects of doing keto while taking HCTZ?
    I've been prescribed HCTZ not for blood pressure, but to prevent kidney stones as I have a history with them. Also, could keto contribute to kidney stones?
    For info, I currently weigh 330lbs but hoping to drop that to 220.
    Thanks all.

  2. IM_Nail

    HCTZ works by blocking a certain electrolyte channel in your kidney. As a result, you will pee out more sodium & potassium, and retain calcium (to keep it out of your urine and prevent kidney stones). So you will need to be diligent about getting all your electrolytes and staying hydrated (water follows the sodium out to make urine).
    I suggest discussing your diet with your doctor to make sure you do not have some electrolyte deficiencies that could potentially harm you. Make sure to tell him/her about the electrolyte loss in keto.

  3. mahlernameless

    I took it for probably the first year I was doing keto (for htn). I would often get light head when standing, and doc eventually agreed to take me off of it. I take a few other htn drugs still, sadly, but much less near-feinting. The only other thing is I feel less dehydrated all the time, which is nice.
    So I'm sure it's safe to take. Whether you need it for potential kidney stones, I have no idea, but all hctz does is make you pee a lot, so I'd say you could just drink more?

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