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Icd-10 Challenges In The Neonatal World

Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists, January 1, 2016 ICD-10-CM/PCS brought some new challenges in coding neonatal records. The term newborn has replaced the term fetus or newborn in the ICD- 10-CM code set. This change ensures that these codes will only be used on the neonates records. Gestational age is only captured in the preterm (36 weeks or less) or the post-term neonate (4042 weeks). The mapping of gestational age uses the keywords preterm, prematurity, or post-term as the term gestational is no longer recognized. The encoder mapping has changed in ICD-10-CM/ PCS, which has made locating the appropriate neonatal codes problematic. Many CDI specialists depend on their encoder, which may not lead down the appropriate pathway for code assignment. Therefore, CDI specialists should develop their knowledge of the ICD-10-CM code set and use the Tabular List of Diseases to ensure accurate code assignment. Some congenital abnormalities have been further specified in ICD-10-CM, which assists in capturing the appropriate code. Propionic acidemia, an inherited metabolic disorder, was difficult to capture in ICD-9-CM, as it mapped incorrectly to acidosis as oppo Continue reading >>

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