Reintroducing Carbs After Ketosis

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Q & A: Carbs And Weight Loss

Paleo cuts out the major carbohydrate sources in the typical American diet, so it’s easy to assume that it’s designed to be a low-carb diet. But in fact, that’s not true: non-toxic carbohydrate sources (like potatoes and sweet potatoes) are perfectly healthy from a Paleo perspective. But what about weight loss? Do you need to cut carbs to lose weight? Many people still believe that carbs are OK if you’re lean and active, but you should avoid them for weight loss. This isn’t quite as cut-and-dry as it appears, though. Take a look at some common questions, comments, and concerns about carbs, and whether or not they actually hold water (click on the links below to go to each question, or read straight through to see them all): Do carbs cause weight gain? Do you need to cut carbs for weight loss? Don’t carbs send you on a blood sugar rollercoaster? Don’t carbs spike your insulin and cause you to gain fat? Does it matter whether or not you eat carbs with fat? Does carbohydrate timing (morning vs. evening) matter? What was carb intake like in the Paleolithic? Do Carbs Cause Weight Gain? The short answer: no. Carbs do not cause weight gain. An inability to metabolize carbs c Continue reading >>

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  1. tincatinca

    I'm type 2 and been on a low-carb diet for about 8 weeks which eventually led to going on a LCHF diet for about 1 week (<30g carb/day). This definitely helped my BS going from 10 to 6.9 (last Hba1c). However, I have an active job and whilst on the LCHF have missed things like porridge, odd piece of toast (which i used to be able to tolerate) to get me going in the morning and have since tried to re-introduce such things over the last couple of weeks and its been absolute turmoil to put it mildly . Around 1.5-2 hrs after eating even a piece of toast I feel totally weary and get symptoms including mild sore throat, headaches, feeling detached which in turn makes me really anxious. It feels like a total intolerance and I'm really at my wits end with what to eat and if this period will ever pass. I was wondering if anyone knew how much carb I should be re-introducing and when - I seem to be able to tolerate it better in my evening meal but breakfast and lunch are a nightmare. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated

  2. Brunneria

    Do you find this happens with wheat? Or all grains? Or all carbs?
    When i went very low carb i found that it revealed a couple of food intolerances. In my case it was grains and whey. Turns out my body had been 'coping' with them for years, but all that time i had felt 'not right'. Giving them up meant i felt better all the time.
    The other option is that the sleepiness is due to high spikes from the carbs. Are you testing to see how high and when you spike?
    Have a google on 'Last Meal Effect' to see if that rings any bells.
    If it is, you get choose whether to push through or stick with a way of eating that doesn't spike you.

  3. tincatinca

    Hi there, thanks for your reply. I seems to be all carbs but it definitely seems to be feel worse with bread and all bran for example rather than porridge although the testing I have done, porridge seems to spike more (more carb in it prob). With egg and toast it went from 7.5 to 9.5 (although I had been a walk inbetween) and porridge went from 7.9 to 11.8. Ill have a look at the last meal effect, thanks

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