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Is Online Prediabetes Screening Reliable?

Here at Diabetes Flashpoints, we’ve previously discussed some of the controversy surrounding a diagnosis of prediabetes — elevated blood glucose that isn’t high enough for a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. As we noted in that post, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is virtually alone in recognizing prediabetes as a condition — the World Health Organization, for example, discourages use of the term and provides no diagnostic criteria. But due to the ADA’s influence worldwide, more and more doctors both in and outside the United States appear to be diagnosing prediabetes. Now, it seems that the ADA — in partnership with other American medical organizations — is doubling down on its emphasis of the dangers of prediabetes. A few months ago, it teamed up with the American Medical Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Ad Council to create an online quiz that aims to estimate a person’s risk of developing prediabetes. The seven-question test asks participants about their gender, family history of diabetes, blood pressure, age, ethnicity, physical activity, and height and weight. As the home page of the quiz notes, “1 in 3 American adult Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Joe_Scotto

    I've never drank before but have been wanting to try beer. What should I know about drinking beer with Diabetes? Is it at all possible?

  2. ThriceDeadCat

    I'd actually not bolus for most beers. Light beers are going to be sub-10 carbs each and around 4-5% ABV (unless you're in Kansas or Utah). Without a bolus, you'll swing up and down as the carbs and alcohol are processed.
    One beer won't be too much either way unless you're drinking a crazy craft beer full of lactose or an IPA with as much alcohol in at as vodka. Starting with corona is a good. If you have a CGM, you can even see how it affects you over time, too, so you'll know the next time if you need to eat something else, bolus, or run any temp rates.

  3. Dahkeus

    Just drink the beer. You'll be fine.
    If you find that it changes anything, you can bolus next time, but it's really no big deal.
    P.s. you're probably safer skipping the bolus anyway, particularly if it's your first time. Alcohol can lower blood sugar, even though the carbs may raise it.
    And you're probably safer just having higher blood sugar than going hypo while buzzed (if you've never drank before, 1 beer will probably give you a buzz).
    Either way, don't stress it too hard and enjoy. =)

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