Partially Compensated Respiratory Acidosis

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Respiratory Acidosis

Respiratory acidosis is an abnormal clinical process that causes the arterial Pco2 to increase to greater than 40 mm Hg. Increased CO2 concentration in the blood may be secondary to increased CO2 production or decreased ventilation. Larry R. Engelking, in Textbook of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry (Third Edition) , 2015 Respiratory acidosis can arise from a break in any one of these links. For example, it can be caused from depression of the respiratory center through drugs or metabolic disease, or from limitations in chest wall expansion due to neuromuscular disorders or trauma (Table 90-1). It can also arise from pulmonary disease, card iog en ic pu lmon a ryedema, a spira tion of a foreign body or vomitus, pneumothorax and pleural space disease, or through mechanical hypoventilation. Unless there is a superimposed or secondary metabolic acidosis, the plasma anion gap will usually be normal in respiratory acidosis. Kamel S. Kamel MD, FRCPC, Mitchell L. Halperin MD, FRCPC, in Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Physiology (Fifth Edition) , 2017 Respiratory acidosis is characterized by an increased arterial blood PCO2 and H+ ion concentration. The major cause of respiratory acido Continue reading >>

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  1. cheritadarko

    Maybe not super accurate, but a fair estimation as this r/ has 30k people while keto has 350k+
    Not bashing on either, just curious. Do you guys employ both? Do you like either better?
    I personally prefer IF, but am trying Keto with it to see if it's not too much for me, as I'm not trying to lose weight, but feel better/get healthier.
    Edit: Keto as opposed to IF

  2. vincentninja68

    Keto is popular because it works. But its also popular in IF because both the diet and eating pattern compliment each other.
    Fasting activates short term ketosis, and the keto diet sustains it. If you're never eating carbs, you don't exit the ketogenic state. Logically speaking the best diet to do fasting with is thus a keto diet.
    I'm doing a keto cut now. I've lost 10lbs in 3 weeks and my abs are showing again. I also don't count or track anything. It works.

  3. cheritadarko

    Trying to as well, but find it difficult to maintain with IF, so that's why I'm wondering.

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