Paradoxical Intracellular Acidosis Definition

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How many moles of CO2 are produced when 2.0 moles of C3H8 react with an excess of O2? Remember, the products of this reaction are CO2 and H2O.

Correcting Acidosis Or Just Adding Co2?: On Sodium Bicarbonate For Metabolic Acidosis

You are working in the emergency department when an elderly male is brought in by EMS after being found unresponsive at home with anunknown downtime. The paramedics report a possible seizure. His finger stick glucose registers as critical high. Post-intubation for poor GCS, his initial labs reveal an ABG of 6.8/20/90 and a lactate of 18. As you are signing out the patient to the ICU, the ICU team requests a sodium bicarbonate infusion. You wonder, willsodium bicarbonate administration improve outcomes or correct acidosis faster when compared to normalsaline? Other than well-defined indications for sodium bicarbonate administration (such as treatment of Na-channel blockade in TCA overdose or to induce alkalinization in salicylate toxicity), one should be skeptical about administering sodium bicarbonate simply for acidosis. On the one hand if a patient is acidotic, it makes intuitivesense that you should try to alkalinize them, which is why sodium bicarbonate has been usedso often in the past.On the other hand, there is evidence to showthat administration of sodium bicarbonate shifts the oxygen dissociation curve,increasinghemoglobinaffinity to oxygen, and resulting in paradoxicalti Continue reading >>

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  1. treehorn+bunny

    You don't need to be in DKA to get ketosis. It's probably because he hasn't been eating enough/is sick. It is not uncommon for people who have stomach viruses to burn ketones.
    In nondiabetic persons, ketonuria may occur during acute illness or severe stress.

  2. PorcineWithMe

    GERD/reflux/"heartburn" can cause that smell and so can taking Prilosec (or other PPIs). My husband had THE WORST breath from taking Prilosec. Ugh.

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How to Present a Patient: Series for Medical Students Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Lubbock Ashley, 2 Weeks, Female

Pediatric Metabolic Acidosistreatment & Management

Pediatric Metabolic AcidosisTreatment & Management Author: Lennox H Huang, MD, FAAP; Chief Editor: Timothy E Corden, MD more... Inability to recognize the etiology of metabolic acidosis can lead to failure to treat the basic disease process. For example, a child who ingests windshield-wiper fluid containing ethylene glycol may present with severe metabolic acidosis, hypoglycemia, and coma. Failure to be adequately suspicious regarding this symptom complex would prevent the physician from obtaining immediate treatment (hemodialysis) for this patient. Insulin administration is necessary in cases of diabetic ketoacidosis, and restoration of adequate perfusion with crystalloid administration is necessary in cases of dehydration. [ 6 , 7 ] The same holds true for other diseases, such as renal failure and shock, that lead to metabolic acidosis. Further inpatient management, including critical care, depends on the underlying etiology. Children with inherited metabolic abnormalities, poisoning, or renal failure may require hemodialysis. Children with lactic acidosis caused by circulatory failure, thiamine deficiency, or septic shock require appropriate supportive care that first addresses Continue reading >>

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  1. Lauraa83

    The ones you use on the atkins diet?

  2. Mummyvicky

    I asked at Boots Pharmacy for a friend who was doing it, it was about £4 for 50 strips.

  3. Normsnockers

    Message withdrawn

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Response To 100mmol Of Sodium Bicarbonate

Response to 100mmol of Sodium Bicarbonate These are the physiological effects of infusing 100mmol of concentrated (8.4%) sodium bicarbonate into a patient. A 1 molar solution of sodium bicarbonate is what you are giving. The osmolality is 2000mosm/L. Let us unfocus from the movements of water and sodium, as they are predictable, and their patterns already well rehearsed. Let us instead observe the traffic of the HCO3- anion. Let us pretend that suddenly 100mmol of this anion is dumped into the extracellular fluid (and being easily water soluble, it frolics merrily through the extracellular fluid compartments, distributing evenly among them). This means 25mmol of HCO3- is now in the vascular compartment and 75 mmol is in the interstitial fluid. The extracellular concentration of bicarbonate pre-infusion in our model is 24mmol/L, which gives us 336 mmol overall. A sudden increase by 100mmol (to a total content of 436 mmol) would cause the concentration to rise to 31.1mmol/L. The change in extracellular bicarbonate concentration following a bicarbonate infusion From the above calculations, it would seem that the volume of distribution for bicarbonate is the same as the extracellular Continue reading >>

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  1. Jennifer72

    Breathalyzer ($13) for testing breath ketones

    Turns out these things really do work. I have a $13 Greenwon breathalyzer I just bought off Amazon and its readout jives with the Ketonix I have along with my Precision Xtra blood ketone meter.
    Here's a link with more details of the comparison I did -- it's a response to the thread I read where I got this whole idea :
    Note: make sure to quickly breath out, into the breathalyzer, all the air in your lungs to where you are straining to exhale that last bit -- all in the short time it allows you. Don't take a deep breath before exhaling into the meter, just breath normally as if you were reading a book -- the highest concentration of acetone is at the tail of the breath anyways.
    Link to the meter I got -- it's $13 after the discount is applied in the cart:

  2. CalgaryDiabetic

    Sounds like a worthwhile product.

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