Paradoxical Intracellular Acidosis

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In this video we discuss what is homeostasis and why it is important for health. We also cover what is set point, and cover how homeostasis uses it to keep a stable internal environment. What is homeostasis? To be brief and to the point, homeostasis is the relatively constant state maintained by the body. Mainly this means that over time, the internal body will maintain a stable environment. So, for example, if the external temperature is cold or hot, the internal body temperature will remain relatively constant at 98.6f or 37c, the internal body temp may vary a little above or below this number, but that will still be normal. So, lets say we took someones body temperature over a certain time period. If we plot that on a chart it may look something like this. Here, body temperature rose slightly, and here it fell a little. But, the normal body temperature range is from 97.7 to 99.5. So, our subject was inside the normal range throughout the time span. Homeostasis doesnt just apply to body temperature, but many other conditions as well. The human body needs to maintain a certain range of nutrients in the blood stream, such as water, glucose, salt, and other elements as well. We get

Disturbances Of Acidbase Homeostasis

Metabolic disorders - Disturbances of acidbase homeostasis - technical Principles of treatment of acidbase disorders Despite a daily load of protons, derived mainly from metabolism, the hydrogen ion concentration of arterial blood in health is tightly maintained within a slightly alkaline range (pH 7.367.42); concentrations of intracellular hydrogen ions are also controlled. Failure adequately to excrete or neutralize protons causes acidic conditions to prevail (decreased pH): undue intake of base, uncompensated loss of protonsor the substrates from which they are derivedinduces an alkaline milieu (raised pH). The term acidosis refers to the pathological reduction of pH, also to the circumstance when pH would have been decreased were it not for the occurrence of compensatory mechanisms; an equivalent but reciprocal definition applies to alkalosis. In health, the principal source of protons is CO2, which originates from aerobic metabolism, is volatile and thus eliminated readily by the lungs. Lesser contributions come from urea synthesis and the generation of lactate and other organic anions such as 3-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate, which are eliminated by metabolism in the liver Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Rockythe Lacydog

    Dehydrated, Low Carb Diet

    Has anyone had issues with dehydration? The fewer carbs I eat, the more this has become an issue. My doctor did a skin pinch test and said I was very dehydrated. He even considered using an IV drip while I was in the office. He showed how to do the test on my elbow. See below how I test myself.
    When you're at home and well-hydrated so you have a basis for comparison. When you pinch and gently pull up on the skin, it springs back easily (this changes slowly as you age as skin looses elasticity, but it's all relative). If the skin maintains a little 'tent', and then slowly goes back to normal it's usually a sign of dehydration.

  2. furball64801

    I was younger when I did the ultimate low carb diet and never had an issue. How much fluid do you take in a day, I drink a lot of fluids so I do not have the issue.

  3. MCS

    So are you drinking fluids. When you first go LC you strip your body of glycogen, glycogen holds a lot of fluid, its got to go some where. When the fluid goes so does a certain amount of sodium and potassium, you may consider increasing your sodium and supplementing with potassium.

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Anion gap usmle - anion gap metabolic acidosis normal anion gap metabolic acidosis

Metabolic Acidosis In Childhood: Why, When And How To Treat

Metabolic acidosis in childhood: why, when and how to treat Olberes V. B. AndradeI; Flvio O. IharaII; Eduardo J. TrosterIII IProfessor assistente, Faculdade de Cincias Mdicas, Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericrdia de So Paulo, So Paulo, SP, Brasil. Mestre, Universidade Federal de So Paulo (UNIFESP), So Paulo, SP, Brasil. Doutor, Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericrdia de So Paulo, So Paulo, SP, Brasil. Mdico, Centro de Terapia Intensiva Peditrico, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, So Paulo, SP, Brasil IIMdico pediatra. Aluno, Curso de Aperfeioamento em Nefrologia Peditrica, Nvel R4, Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericrdia de So Paulo, So Paulo, SP, Brasil IIIProfessor livre-docente, Departamento de Pediatria, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de So Paulo (USP), So Paulo, SP, Brasil. Coordenador, CTI Peditrico, Instituto da Criana, Hospital das Clnicas, Faculdade de Medicina, USP, So Paulo, SP, Brasil. Coordenador, Centro de Terapia Intensiva Peditrico, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, So Paulo, SP, Brasil OBJECTIVES: To critically discuss the treatment of metabolic acidosis and the main mechanisms of disease associated with this disorder; and to describe controversial aspect Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. cuteblonde

    can the menstrual cycle affect weight loss and ketosis? i've been doing atkins for three and a half weeks now. i lost 7 pounds after the first 2 weeks but during the third week (week of period) i gained 2 pounds back. could this be water retention even though i'm downing tons of water or hormone fluctuation? also, all this time i've been in ketosis with my strips turning dark purple. well the past 2 days (right after starting my period) i've suddenly been knocked out of ketosis. i've only added some macadamia nuts (one serving's worth at 4 carbs) and herbal tea. the tea is celestial seasonings and has 0 carbs, calories, etc. and no caffiene. but i had been consuming these 2 things for a week before suddenly my strips stopped turning purple. monday night they were dark purple and tuesday night they were barely pink. so what's the deal with this? i have never consumed more than 25 carbs on any day. i'm not focusing so much on my weight anymore. instead i like to have evidence that i'm in ketosis by having purple strips. so since they are barely pink all of a sudden does that mean i've suddenly stopped burning fat? i'm not going to stop because i feel better, but it is frustrating.

  2. Skamito

    Okay... first of all, YES! Hormones and menses can and will affect what the scale and probably also what the ketosis testing says. Don't let water retention bum you out. It is not fat gained and will pass. Just keep drinking that water and you should be fine.
    As for the ketosis strips, my best advice (though perhaps hasty) is don't use them. They are infamously unreliable and I don't trust em as far as I can throw em. Here are some things that can affect them:
    -Exposed to air
    -Exposed to steam
    -Dietary fat
    -Water intake
    -Expulsion of ketones through breath, sweat as opposed to urine
    -Just plain defective
    That being said, pink is actually better than dark purple. Purple can mean you are dehydrated. Pink still indicates the presence of ketones, but they are diluted. That's good! Drink that water.
    Are you noticing the other feelings of ketosis? Distinct breath, dimished appetite, etc. are also ways of determing the fat burning state.
    Hope that helps a bit. The tea and macadamia nuts are fine additions and if you're not going above 25g of carbs a day, I assure you that you are in ketosis and will see results.
    I wish you good luck. I'm sure you will do well. :)

  3. cuteblonde

    well that does make me feel a lot better. it's easy to get hung up on one thing like ketone strips, weight, inches, etc. i do feel better and look better so that's what is truly important.

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Response To 100mmol Of Sodium Bicarbonate

Response to 100mmol of Sodium Bicarbonate These are the physiological effects of infusing 100mmol of concentrated (8.4%) sodium bicarbonate into a patient. A 1 molar solution of sodium bicarbonate is what you are giving. The osmolality is 2000mosm/L. Let us unfocus from the movements of water and sodium, as they are predictable, and their patterns already well rehearsed. Let us instead observe the traffic of the HCO3- anion. Let us pretend that suddenly 100mmol of this anion is dumped into the extracellular fluid (and being easily water soluble, it frolics merrily through the extracellular fluid compartments, distributing evenly among them). This means 25mmol of HCO3- is now in the vascular compartment and 75 mmol is in the interstitial fluid. The extracellular concentration of bicarbonate pre-infusion in our model is 24mmol/L, which gives us 336 mmol overall. A sudden increase by 100mmol (to a total content of 436 mmol) would cause the concentration to rise to 31.1mmol/L. The change in extracellular bicarbonate concentration following a bicarbonate infusion From the above calculations, it would seem that the volume of distribution for bicarbonate is the same as the extracellular Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. MariaMia816

    Can anyone tell me what an average weight loss per week or month is for 20 carbs a day? Im loosing soooooo slow.

  2. GSD_Mama

    I guess it will be different for everyone. My first two weeks I've lost about 10, of which water was probably 5-7lb. I'm going on my third month now and losing slow, sometimes I gain sometimes I lose, no rhyme or reason.

  3. stevieedge2015

    10lbs in a month. I'm trying to keep my calories to under 1500. I smoke like a chimney though so...aiming to get to 130 so I can quit and not worry about gaining 10lbs

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