Metformin Mnemonics

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I Learned A Great Mnemonic Earlier. Shame I Can't Remember What It Stands For

I learned a great mnemonic earlier. Shame I can't remember what it stands for Reassuring news at the 10 top tips on CQC inspection session at Pulse Live : the clipboard brigade apparently dont give a huge amount of weight to my doctah never gives me nuffink feedback on NHS Choices. Really? We see negative comments with every practice, says the speaker, dismissively. So whats the point of the feedback section if those who really understand quality care know its a load of cobblers? Ah - that one remains unanswered. All the bad practices have good comments put on by their own staff, were told. I dont think thats one of the tips. Great idea, though. A quick hop across the corridor to catch a CKD update. I learn about SADMAN a great mnemonic to remember drugs to beware of in CKD. Cant remember what it stands for, though. So maybe not so great. More memorable is the fact that eight per cent of the population believe their kidneys pump blood around the body. Is that not right, then? Oh, and dont forget that CKDs fallen out of QOF. Your kidneys are still important, though. Both of them. That means plenty of fluids. Which reminds me, I need a pee and a coffee. Dr Tony Copperfield is a GP i Continue reading >>

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  1. avanella

    What are the gadgets you carry?

  2. Muna A H

    My insulin bag includes:
    • A blood glucose metre (doesn’t need coding), test strips, prick finger devise and lancets, my newest metre is free style. Sometime i carry another device just in case
    • My BI (Levemir) and QA (Novorapid) pens and pen needles
    • Disposable syringe (Just for emergency)
    • Hyper treatments ( Lollies)
    • Just very recently I included the ketones device along with ketones strips
    • DAFNE carbohydrate counting booklet
    • Small hand sanitiser
    • Tissue
    In my wallet I include the diabetic card.
    That's all I carry at the moment

  3. Vickyp

    The PDM for my pump, a ketone meter, ketone test strips, finger pricker, lancets, insulin, blood test strips, spare pod (insulin pump), batteries for PDM, and dextrose!

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Mnemonics | Master Of Memory: Accelerated Learning, Education, Memorization

Our brains like to remember things that are memorable. Numbers, dates, vocabulary words, and even peoples names usually arent very memorable in and of themselves. So the key to making anything easier to remember is simply to make it memorable. Seems like it should be obvious, but actually applying this consistently and systematically is a trained process. Keep reading below if you want the full intro to mnemonics. But to exploredeeper, youll want to read the whole free guide using this next article: Mnemonic Starter Guide What I WONT do is ask you to read it over and over, say the numbers out loud to yourself, and then attempt recite it a moment later. If you take that approach, chances are youll fail miserably. But check this out: $2.98 is currently a pretty good price for gas in the US (2 cents under three dollars), there are 365 days in the year, and 9 minus 5 equals 4. Much easier to remember. See, the key to remembering numbers, words, and names is to associate them with something beyond themselves. With training, anyone can eventually become exceptionally good at remembering anything with these techniques. Mnemonics are the bulk of what we talk about on Master Of Memory, bec Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Aaron1963

    Ketone Breath

    I'm sitting here at my desk with a very strong odor of acetone on my breath all day. Much more than I've ever noticed before. Previously I'd detect just a trace some mornings when first waking up. I first noticed the heavy scent yesterday, and it continued all yesterday evening, night, and all day today. I guess it's a good sign that I'm likely in ketosis. I wasn't really planning to specifically seek out ketosis until around the end of the month when I expect to reach my target weight, but perhaps now is the time to start and get my body keto adapted sooner rather than later. Anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with this keto breath? I don't normally chew gum but went out and bought some sugarfree gum to see if that helps, but can still notice the scent. I also tried mouthwash, but it seemed to only mask it briefly.
    With how strong I noticed the smell, it got me wondering about something I've often wondered about. Maybe some will think I'm crazy, but given all the dragon lore in cultures around the globe, I've thought that perhaps dragons were real at one point in our history. Not enough of them to leave behind an easy to find fossil trail to prove their existence, but still enough to cause all this folklore. And along with it the stories of fire-breathing dragons. Well, in getting this keto breath, made me wonder if dragons were in a constant state of ketosis, and had some means of generating a spark to ignite their keto breath. Wonder if the fire-breathing dragons were on a ketogenic diet, or just had a bad case of T1 diabetes. Yeah, real crazy idea. Who knows what other wild ideas I'll be coming up with under a ketone powered brain compared to a glucose powered one. I did consider using a lighter near my mouth to see if it would ignite the ketones, but that thought passed in a couple milliseconds, realizing if it did ignite them it might cause some serious damage to my exterior or interior organs.
    My energy level has picked up a notch since I noticed my keto breath. Hopefully it will continue, not only at the present level, but increase even more. Leaving in 3 days on a vacation to the States and plan to pick up a blood ketone meter and strips I ordered, so hopefully it'll confirm my suspicions and allow me to monitor my progress.

  2. Ken S

    Good idea not trying to set your breath on fire

  3. jim55

    Not everyone experiences keto breath. I never have. Dr Atkins wrote about it in his books. Lack of hunger, water loss/rapid weight loss have always been my two biggest indicaters that my body has switched. I think it will go away on it's own.

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This video introduces the mechanism of action of drugs used for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: Metformin, sulfonylureas, non-sulfonylureas, thiazolidinediones (TZDs), acarbose inhibitors and SGLT-2 inhibitors.

Mvtl - Advogados Associados

55 g of immediate-release metformin hydrochloride or 45 mg of pioglitazone and 2 g of extended-release metformin hydrochloride. Metformin cost cvs, how much does metformin cost without insurance at cvs Is metformin considered to be insulin, Metformin mechanism if action, Stop metformin cold turkey, Metformin and avandia generic, Metformin drug reactions to penicillin, Metformin onset and duration of benadryl, Metformin combo mnemonics, Metformin and herbal interactions with metoprolol, Metformin alcoholism, Metformin drug label definition, Ovulation with metformin, Chances of getting pregnant with glucophage metformin, Weight loss with metformin without diabetes, Coupon metformin, Metformin pdf, Buy metformin extended release online bible, Pioglitazone and metformin tablets 850, Metformin treatment polycystic ovary syndrome definition, Metformin toxicity level, Over the counter version of metformin. thanks, i was on metformin years ago when i got diagnosed with pcos but moved areas 7 years and since then no one will prescribe it. Order metformin canada, uk metformin dosage for insulin Metformin fluoxetine and wellbutrin together Glucophage 500 mg metformin hydrochloride How long t Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Skiman

    So I was told that you need to be in the range of 70-80 for glucose and 1.5-3.0 to be in Ketosis and be fat adapted. So what is the difference between fat adapted or being in ketosis the whole time.
    My numbers would rarely get in the 70-80's range but mainly would like to hang out around 85-94 Rane with a Keytone reading of 1.5 and greater. Although I was told on this Facebook group that I'm not fat adapted and perhaps not in Ketosis?
    Also my glucose readings were always higher in the mornings with a few exceptions of being in the high 70's.
    Can anyone shed light on this, I feel that the keto community has different optimal ranges for what they think is correct?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Barbara_Greenwood

    OK - "in ketosis" simply means your liver is producing ketones from partially metabolised fat. If you are more than 0.5 on your ketone meter, you are in ketosis. That will happen with about 48 hours of fasting or a few days of very low carb intake. It's an ephemeral state - eat more carbs, you'll make less ketones - eat less carbs, you'll make more ketones.
    Fat -adapted means that all the enzymes to do with fat metabolism have ramped up, so you are really good at burning fat. Also, your muscles become less keen to take up glucose because they want to leave it for the brain. Some people who low carb find their fasting glucose actually rises after a few months because of this effect.
    As to glucose levels - do you have diabetes? A normal fasting glucose is between 70 and 110, with 70-90 being preferred. I've seen keto people saying that blood glucose above 110 will prevent you being in ketosis. Well, according to my meters, that's a pile of poo, because I've seen 2+ on my ketone meter and 7 (126) on my glucose meter at the same time. But I have diabetes. Maybe in people without diabetes, a blood glucose above 110 only happens if they've eaten a load of carbs, and it's that which prevents ketosis rather than their glucose level per se.
    What enables ketosis is low carb intake. What prevents it is eating more carbs.... and maybe too much protein. More on the difference here:

    Being Fat Adapted Versus "In Ketosis" (Pt.1/3)
    “I got kicked out of ketosis.” If I never hear or read those six words, in that order, ever again, I’ll be one happy individual. ...

    Also be aware that, once you are fully fat adapted, your ketone levels may well fall. Richard and Carl have covered this on the podcast - you become more efficient at making enough ketones for your needs, but not too many. I'd been keto about 3 months when I got my ketone meter - my readings were always over 1.5, usually over 2. Another 4 months on, I rarely get above 1 unless I fast for 24 hours - my usual 20-30g carbs per day and 16/8 or 18/6 IF usually has me between 0.3 and 1. Just tested now - after 12+ hour fast, a keto day yesterday and 1 hour run this morning - BG 6.7 (120), ketones 0.5. BG was 6.1 (110) when I got up - exercise can raise it in the short term, but reduces it long term.

  3. Skiman

    Nope no diabetes on my end, I'm pretty active my events are bodybuilding and powerlifting, I have about 8% bf weighing around 155-160lbs, 39 years of age.
    This is what I read in today fasted.
    85 glucose and 3.3 Keytones this morning.

    Wondering what is the norm for being in ketosis and also fat adapted. I think what I've heard is that you have to be in a sweet spot of 70-80 glucose and 1.5-3.0 Keytones in order to be fat adapted.

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