Metformin Liver Toxicity

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Metformin Ameliorates Arsenic Trioxide Hepatotoxicity Via Inhibiting Mitochondrial Complex I

Cell Death & Disease volume 8, page e3159 (2017) Arsenic trioxide (ATO) is a well-accepted chemotherapy agent in managing promyelocytic leukemia. ATO often causes severe health hazards such as hepatotoxicity, dermatosis, neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity and cardiotoxicity. The production of reactive oxygen species, (ROS) play a significant role in ATO-induced hepatotoxicity. The oral hypoglycemic drug, metformin, is considered to be a potential novel agent for chemoprevention in the treatment of cancer. Moreover, metformin has also been shown to have hepatoprotective effects. In the present study, we demonstrated that metformin protected normal hepatocytes from ATO-induced apoptotic cell death in vitro and in vivo. Gene expression screening revealed that glucose metabolism might be related to the metformin-induced protective effect on ATO-treated AML12 cells. The metformin-promoted or induced glycolysis was not responsible for the protection of AML12 cells from ATO-induced apoptotic cell death. Instead, metformin increased the intracellular NADH/NAD+ ratio by inhibiting mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I, further decreasing the intracellular ROS induced by ATO. Treatment with Continue reading >>

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  1. rsp5820

    Metformin time to clear/Liver AST ALT

    Age 62, 330# (trim=220#), fasting glucose was 90-99 for many years, recently 108. ha1c 5.4-6.4. Eat mostly paleo, few carbs. take milk thistle, NAC, many B's, and many other vitamins and supplements (mostly Life Extension), exercise daily. Cardiologist rx-d metformin 500mg in March as a cardio preventative, increased to 500mg 2x in June. In July I started frequently drowsiness toi the point where I limited my driving. Looking at my journal, I realized that metformin might be the culprit so I stopped cold turkey. Drowsiness improved daily until no more drowsiness 7 days without metformin. Two days after stopping I had routine CMP labs that showed AST (SGOT) 49 IU/L and ALT (SGPT) 67 IU/L, normally I am in high 20's for both, 30's if an infection. Questions: (1) Does metformin cause drowsiness (in general), (2) does metformin harm or burden liver , (3) how long should I wait for metformin to clear by body before repeating CMP? My GP wanted liver ultrasound ($$$ even with insurance) but agreed to wait 4 weeks and repeat CMP. I just got hosed $3,131 for a basic echocardiogram at this hospital so I will definitely shop around if I really need the liver ultrasound after all. BTW the CMP costs $35 at Life Extension and from the doctor "about $150" (no details yet) - and both are done at Labcorp.

  2. furball64801

    Hi and welcome to DD did you test your blood sugar at home when you felt that way. For most metformin will not do what you described. It can take up to 30 days for met to clear a body but everyone is very different.

  3. JohnC3

    Liver toxicity is rare but it has happened.

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