Metformin Contraindications Gfr

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In Brief: New Recommendations For Use Of Metformin In Renal Impairment

The FDA has required labeling changes that replace serum creatinine (SCr) with estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) as the parameter used to determine the appropriateness of treatment with the biguanide metformin (Glucophage, and others) in patients with renal impairment. These changes will allow more patients with mild to moderate renal impairment to receive metformin, which is generally the first drug prescribed for treatment of type 2 diabetes. Metformin was previously contraindicated in women with a SCr level ≥1.4 mg/dL and in men with a SCr level ≥1.5 mg/dL, but use of SCr as a surrogate indicator tends to underestimate renal function in certain populations (e.g., younger patients, men, black patients, patients with greater muscle mass). The calculation of eGFR takes into account age, race, and sex, as well as SCr level, providing a more accurate assessment of kidney function. A literature review summarized in an FDA Drug Safety Communication concluded that, based on eGFR, metformin is safe to use in patients with mild renal impairment and in some patients with moderate renal impairment.1 The eGFR should be calculated before patients begin treatment with metformin a Continue reading >>

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  1. babyharris201

    I have been told at my last two appts that I have ketones in my urine. My Midwife didn't seem to concerned about this, but it has me questioning what that means... I am also almost 21 weeks, and have yet to gain any weight, which my midwife says is due to having ketones in my urine. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything similair.

  2. sophxx

    i was told at the hospital key tones means you need to up what ypu eat and drink as you using your reserves which can cause u to feel sick dizzy and weak x

  3. Reds05

    Its defo to do with how much you eat and drink.
    My SIL is 36+3 and was kept in hospital overnight last week as she had LOADS of ketones in her urine. They said she was dehydrated and had a urine infection which obviously came about because she wasn't drinking enough.
    To be honest, she'd had a bit of a stressful week before that as her 2 year old had a chest infection then a double ear infection so she and my brother had been running around after him. Think she was just a bit run down.
    Just make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, preferably water but I tend to go for the fizzy flavoured kind as can't stand plain stuff.

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