Metabolic And Respiratory Acidosis And Alkalosis Made Easy

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Metabolic Acidosis Nclex Review Notes

Are you studying metabolic acidosis and need to know a mnemonic on how to remember the causes? This article will give you a clever mnemonic and simplify the signs and symptoms and nursing interventions on how to remember metabolic acidosis for nursing lecture exams and NCLEX. In addition, you will learn how to differentiate metabolic acidosis from metabolic alkalosis. Don’t forget to take the metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis quiz. This article will cover: Metabolic acidosis simplified Lab values expected with metabolic acidosis Causes of metabolic acidosis Signs and symptoms of metabolic acidosis Nursing interventions for metabolic acidosis Lecture on Metabolic Acidosis Metabolic Acidosis Metabolic Acidosis in Simple Terms: a metabolic problem due to the buildup of acid in the body fluids which affects the bicarbonate (HCO3 levels) either from: increased acid production (ex: DKA where ketones (acids) increase in the body which decreases bicarbonate) decreased acid excretion (ex: renal failure where there is high amount of waste left in the body which causes the acids to increase and bicarb can’t control imbalance) loss of too much bicarb (diarrhea) When this acidic ph Continue reading >>

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  1. Marie

    Hi I am sure I have read somewhere on here that nothing can be done about it but how do you all deal/cope with halitosisi please?
    I am not exaggerating when I say that people recoil or flinch when with me. I know it probably makes you laugh when I say that my daughter holds her nose, I could see the lady at the beauty counter whilst applying my lipstick flinching and holding back and my best friend admitted after duress that my breath smells foul!! ...I have cancelled my regular facials now also as that requires someone leaning over my face. I am soooooo embarrassed!!
    I spray breath spray but that makes no difference. I also drink a min of 2 litres of water throughout the day? Am I able to eat sugar free gum? Although tbh I'm not sure that'll make a lot of difference if it's coming from the gut??
    Please HELP!!
    [ed. note: Marie (2154136) last edited this post 2 years, 1 month ago.]

  2. Ellen

    If its ketosis breath, its more of a pear drops smell and it will pass. But halitosis can also be caused by excess protein. Make sure protein intake is moderate and wait.

  3. Marie

    If it was a pear drop smell Helen I don't think people would be running for the hills! Ha! Ha!
    It's been described as a 'sewage' smell....very embarrassing. I eat protein with my meals as described and required by the diet, definitely not in excess. Dental checks are up to date and normal. Surely someone else on here is or has suffered the same problem and if so has some useful tips to freshen the breath. Apart from wearing a mask over my mouth am not sure what I can do.
    In all seriousness I am getting quite anxious about it now tbh.

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