Metabolic Acidosis In Renal Failure Pathophysiology

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Metabolic Acidosis: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

The Terrible Effects of Acid Acid corrosion is a well-known fact. Acid rain can peel the paint off of a car. Acidifying ocean water bleaches and destroys coral reefs. Acid can burn a giant hole through metal. It can also burn holes, called cavities, into your teeth. I think I've made my point. Acid, regardless of where it's at, is going to hurt. And when your body is full of acid, then it's going to destroy your fragile, soft, internal organs even more quickly than it can destroy your bony teeth and chunks of thick metal. What Is Metabolic Acidosis? The condition that fills your body with proportionately too much acid is known as metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis refers to a physiological state characterized by an increase in the amount of acid produced or ingested by the body, the decreased renal excretion of acid, or bicarbonate loss from the body. Metabolism is a word that refers to a set of biochemical processes within your body that produce energy and sustain life. If these processes go haywire, due to disease, then they can cause an excess production of hydrogen (H+) ions. These ions are acidic, and therefore the level of acidity in your body increases, leading to acidem Continue reading >>

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  1. ImpalaHoarder

    Upper right back pain on high fat low carb diet?

    I've been in ketosis for a while- maybe two months consistently, and another month I have lost 35 pounds and my reactive hypoglycemia is completely gone, so I love it.
    BUT . . . lately (the last weekish) I have been getting mild pain high up in the right side of my back and a little bit down my right arm, especially when I drink coffee. I'm wondering if this could be a gallbladder issue, since I've read that coffee can cause gallbladder contractions that cause pain in people with gallbladder issues, because I lost 20 pounds in the first month, and because fast weight loss and high fat diets are a risk factor for gallbladder issues.
    Has anyone experienced anything like this? If you have had gallbladder issues, does it improve them to switch to non-saturated fats but keep fat levels the same? I'm seeing the doctor in about a week for a checkup, so I'll ask then, but I want to try to make my diet work for me meanwhile.

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