Metabolic Acidosis Compensation Mechanism

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Compensated Acidosis | Definition Of Compensated Acidosis By Medical Dictionary

Compensated acidosis | definition of compensated acidosis by Medical dictionary Also found in: Dictionary , Thesaurus , Encyclopedia . Related to compensated acidosis: acidotic 1. the accumulation of acid and hydrogen ions or depletion of the alkaline reserve (bicarbonate content) in the blood and body tissues, resulting in a decrease in pH. 2. a pathologic condition resulting from this process, characterized by increase in hydrogen ion concentration (decrease in pH). The optimal acid-base balance is maintained by chemical buffers, biologic activities of the cells, and effective functioning of the lungs and kidneys. The opposite of acidosis is alkalosis. adj., adj acidotic. Acidosis usually occurs secondary to some underlying disease process; the two major types, distinguished according to cause, are metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis (see accompanying table). In mild cases the symptoms may be overlooked; in severe cases symptoms are more obvious and may include muscle twitching, involuntary movement, cardiac arrhythmias, disorientation, and coma. In general, treatment consists of intravenous or oral administration of sodium bicarbonate or sodium lactate solutions and cor Continue reading >>

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  1. Amos76

    Saturday, I left to do my usual long run, but ended up calling it quits after a couple miles because I had a dull ache in both my kidneys that I just couldn’t shake. I did some research and found the usual chicken little type explanation attributing ketosis, and the eating of meat, to kidney disease and death, but that doesn’t fit my lifestyle since I eat a moderate amount of meat, and far less than I did as a carb eater. I also discovered this thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/1h6kyr/solved_dull_kidney_ache_and_bladder_pain_from/
    which attributed the pain to acidic urine. I have been slipping recently on making sure to consume the appropriate amounts of sodium/magnesium/potassium, so I drank some ‘Calm’ powder and had a powerade (sugar free). It seemed to do the trick! I knocked out a 16 mile run today with no kidney pain or discomfort.

    Has anyone else experienced this? What have you done to correct the issue?

  2. JorgePasada

    Have you been fasting at all? I know that while fasting the uric acid levels in my blood went sky high.

    I haven’t experienced anything quite on this level, but I’m interested in hearing others experiences and getting down to a root cause on it.

  3. Amos76

    Some intermittent fasting several days a week (14-10), but no hardcore, multi day fasting.

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