Metabolic Acidosis Compensation

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Metabolic Acidosis

Practice Essentials Metabolic acidosis is a clinical disturbance characterized by an increase in plasma acidity. Metabolic acidosis should be considered a sign of an underlying disease process. Identification of this underlying condition is essential to initiate appropriate therapy. (See Etiology, DDx, Workup, and Treatment.) Understanding the regulation of acid-base balance requires appreciation of the fundamental definitions and principles underlying this complex physiologic process. Go to Pediatric Metabolic Acidosis and Emergent Management of Metabolic Acidosis for complete information on those topics. Continue reading >>

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    How long do ketones remain in urine?

    Okay, hopefully this question makes some sense. I want to test my tolerance for carbs and staying in ketosis. What's the best way to do this? I'd also like to test if eating/drinking something specifically knocks me out.
    For example, if I drink two cups calorie countdown milk, will it knock me out. If drink 2 cups of whole milk,will it knock me out.
    If I eat 50g carbs, will it knock me out?
    So, do I just eat it, then the next time I piss test for ketones? Or do they hang around for a while even if you're out of ketosis?

  2. DecemberDays86

    I think ketones sitting in urine will just sit there for months and months if you leave it in a dish. I think you're asking how long your body will produce ketones though... If you do it your way, where you just test your next piss for ketones then you have to realize you already have ketones in there from before the time you had the carbs (your bladder stores pee).
    So you probably can't do this. You'd have to pee everything out first before testing carbs or anything. Then wait an hour, pee and test. This is your starting pee. Drink that countdown milk. Pee again in another hour, then pee every hour after that for 12 hours (making that # up) and test. The problem I see is... how do you know you'll be able to pee every hour? And if you decide you'll just drink lots and lots of water to help, then it might dilute everything and you'll start with a low reading anyway.
    If you don't empty your pee every time then you'll be mixing not-in-ketosis pee with in-ketosis pee.
    50g carbs is very likely to knock you out.


    Those are my exact thoughts on the subject. It's pretty tough to tell if something knocks you out or not. I'm not actually concerned about the # of carbs I can have per day, but I'd really like to know if adding a couple glasses of the milk will mess things up. I always use it in my PWO shake, but it would be nice to be able to have a glass or two with breakfast or late at night. I likes me some milk.

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