Low Carb But Not In Ketosis

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Ask The Nutrition Tactician: What's The Difference Between Low-carb And Keto?

The words "low-carb" and "keto" get thrown around a lot. Are they the same thing? At first glance, it may appear that if you eat one less cup of rice, you can transition from a low-carbohydrate diet to a ketogenic diet. After all, both nutritional strategies place an emphasis on reducing carbohydrates, and both are often followed for their fat-loss potential. Pretty much the same thing, right? Not so fast, ketobro. Although both diets are considered low-carb compared to the standard Western diet—you know, the one made up mostly of processed carbs and mystery ingredients—the similarities stop there, both in philosophy and execution. Here's what you need to know about low-carb and ketogenic diets so you can make an informed choice! The Low-Carbohydrate Diet Defined A low-carbohydrate diet is a pretty vague description in and of itself. After all, "low" is a relative term. But in the most effective versions of this approach, the priority is being more selective about your carbs and where they come from. In many cases, you can still eat fruit, vegetables, and beans, while eliminating or cutting back on grains, baked goods, and processed sugars. This shift from carb-dense sources to Continue reading >>

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  1. ToriG

    Bought some strips this afternoon and I'm not in ketosis. What are the most common causes?
    I really don't think I'm going over 20 carbs--can't see how I can be. At 2-3 cups of those veggies each day plus some salad dressing...otherwise, I am eating MEAT. (And getting tired of it--will have to browse the recipes!)

  2. juddinminime

    How many days have you been inducting in lc? Usually takes me 3-4days to get there. And check and make sure that there is no sugar in anything you consume.

  3. pcaltman

    Takes me 4 days too. Make sure your eating butters and fats. When I add more of the fats I go into Ketosis faster.

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