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  1. H20girl

    I'm on the third day of induction, and I do not really know if I'm in ketosis yet. Is there any way I can tell without buying strips?

  2. Angebee

    Metal taste in your mouth, REALLY stinky pee, no appetite. Sometimes you can be nauseaus. Losing weight.

  3. Woman Typing Badly

    Breath of a dead camel

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Lactic Acidosis In Hiv Infected Patients: A Systematic Review Of Published Cases.

1. Sex Transm Infect. 2003 Aug;79(4):340-3. Lactic acidosis in HIV infected patients: a systematic review of published cases. Arenas-Pinto A(1), Grant AD, Edwards S, Weller IV. (1)Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Royal Free and University College Medical School, University College London, UK. [email protected] OBJECTIVE: To describe the clinical, epidemiological, and biochemicalcharacteristics of published cases of lactic acidosis (LA) and to generatehypotheses concerning risk factors associated with this complication.METHODS: Systematic review of cases reported in the medical literature.RESULTS: 217 published cases were identified, 90 of which fulfilled the studydefinition and had sufficient individual data on potential risk factors to beincluded. The 90 patients had a mean age of 40.1 years (range 16-69) and 53% werefemale. All 90 patients were taking nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors(NRTI) at the time of the episode. Among the 83 patients with details of theirantiretroviral therapy (ART) regimen 51 patients were taking stavudine, 29zidovudine, 27 didanosine, and 25 lamivudine. Around 50% of the patients hadabdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting. Hep Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Andy12345

    Hi forgive me if this is dumb, I am following a 30-40g carbs a day diet, I thought ketosis was a good thing but reading this article it doesn't sound all that good, have I got the wrong end of the stick? Thanks
    Below is what I read not me saying it
    Our body produces energy from the glucose we get from the consumed carbohydrates. But when glucose is not available, the liver produces ketone bodies to provide the body with the required energy. Although ketones are always present in the body, their levels can rise during a period of prolonged fasting. This condition is called ketosis.
    The most common cause of ketosis is following a low-carb diet. When one switches over from a high-glycemic diet to a low-glycemic diet, their body enters into a stage of ketosis. The body does not immediately start producing ketones, but if carbohydrates are not included in the diet for a long time, say two days or more, the body starts utilizing the energy from its fat stores. The glucose is thus preserved only for dire conditions like preventing protein and muscle breakdown.
    The initial stage of ketosis is considered relatively harmless. In fact, ketosis has also been deliberately induced through a ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy. However, prolonged ketosis is harmful for the body and is highly discouraged.
    The most common symptoms of ketosis include:
    Note: Ketosis and its symptoms are often confused with diabetic ketoacidosis. However, diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition, where a severe deficiency of insulin, leads to a toxic buildup of blood glucose, accompanied by excessive breakdown of fat and muscle tissues. However, such alarming levels of ketone bodies are not usually seen in healthy individuals.
    Excessive thirst
    Nausea accompanied by abdominal pain
    Problems with sleeping
    Bad breath
    Cold hands and feet
    Metallic, sweet, or fruity taste in the mouth
    Strong smelling urine
    Loss of appetite
    Temporary sense of euphoria
    A confirmatory urine test can be done to see whether the body is in a state of ketosis. One can purchase ketosis strips that are easily available in the market. The strip changes color if ketone bodies are present in the urine.
    Side Effects
    A prolonged state of ketosis can cause major health problems like:
    Calcium deficiency
    Kidney stones
    Liver damage
    Controversy Surrounding Ketosis and its Symptoms
    Most people claim that going into ketosis and exhibiting its symptoms is no reason for alarm, and simply denotes a different and specific phase of metabolism that the body is going through. This is the main reason that people still strongly advocate going in for low-carb diets, and even go to the extent of claiming that certain organs function better during the state of ketosis. However, research says that ketone bodies are acidic compounds, and their accumulation in the blood could lead to toxicity. It is an aggravation of symptoms that lead to the potentially life-threatening condition called ketoacidosis.
    Doing Away With Ketosis
    The easiest way of reversing ketosis is by including carbohydrates in the diet. One has to make sure that they do not start consuming carbohydrates suddenly, but increase the intake gradually, after consulting a health professional. Eating smaller and frequent meals help mitigate the symptoms to a large extent. Another important thing is to keep the body hydrated to help dilute the urine and, in turn, flush out the ketone bodies.
    To avoid conditions like ketosis and other medical complications, it is always advisable that you consult a health professional before making any extreme changes in your diet. He/she would best know what is suitable for you and guide you accordingly.

  2. Claire87

    It could just be me, but that sounds like an advert from a bread company. But then I've seen a lot of conflicting information on the internet about lots of things. There was massive slush campaign on soya when it first came out because the meat production industry feared soya products taking over and putting them out of business.
    From my personal experience: I went through Ketosis. The only feeling I had was tiredness while it was happening for a couple of days, then I felt amazing. I managed to avoid getting insulin tablets because my blood sugar and weight loss in two weeks was such a big change, and the only thing I can credit that to is a low carb diet and going through ketosis. Ketosis saved me from a life of medication and made me feel great. I'm an advocate of it.
    But I'm not an expert on the low carb diet, so I asked my nutritionist friend. She'll know the answer. She always does. I'll post it up when she gets back to me.

  3. Andy12345

    Thankyou, I have been trying to get lower and this week I managed 30g by cutting out bread altogether ,I used to have a sandwich for lunch but now salads with ham egg etc. I have no idea if I have been through or am going through ketosis, I've been on or under 100g for the last couple of months, a month at about 150g before that, I have my 3 month since diag anniversary on Thursday and I've lost 2 stone 10lb and am getting fit, going to the gym all the time, is there a sign that I'm in ketosis and is it a permanent state or do you pass through it, if so how do you know?

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Lactic Acidosis And Status Asthmaticus: How Common In Pediatrics? - Sciencedirect

Volume 89, Issue 6 , December 2002, Pages 585-588 Lactic acidosis and status asthmaticus: how common in pediatrics? Author links open overlay panel EjazYousefMD Get rights and content Lactic acidosis is a well described phenomenon in adult patients with severe asthma. However, this entity is rarely reported in children with status asthmaticus. To report our experience in a 13-year-old girl who developed lactic acidosis as a complication of status asthmaticus and to investigate the prevalence of this complication of severe asthma. We sought to determine the frequency of lactic acidosis in such patients and to review etiologies of lactic acidosis. 1) Observations on the clinical and laboratory findings in an adolescent girl with status asthmaticus who developed lactic acidosis were recorded. 2) The medical records of 100 children and adolescents with status asthmaticus admitted to an intensive care unit were reviewed for laboratory evidence of lactic acidosis. 3) We also reviewed our own previous experience of status asthmaticus with respiratory failure. Among 100 patients admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit for status asthmaticus, a single case of isolated metabolic acidosi Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Eric Chornoby

    Short answer, all of it. Long answer?
    Optimal Ketosis?
    Let me start this by saying you can buy (and I have, and they work) ketosis strips online (Amazon is where I get mine). They work like old - school pool PH test strips. You pee on the strip, it tells you your ketosis level, or the amount of ketones in your body.
    Science shows that you have an optimal level for ketones in your blood to perform optimally. As in, you have this window for your muscles to best mimic the effects of glycogen.
    That is the start.
    The funny thing is, this may be true, but it is not entirely true. Lyle McDonald (He is one of the people I first started learning about the science behind Fat Loss from) suggested that at first, your body will not be able to preform optimally in Ketosis.
    However, after proper adaptation time, or two to three weeks, your body can preform at near maximum efficiency on Ketosis. This applies to aerobic exercise, so running, jogging, HITT, etc.
    My personal experience (Which you can find more of at Approaching Nutrition ) has shown me the same results. Including on more extreme forms of Ketosis (Low Fat AND No Carbs), where I can still preform aerobic activity after having time to adapt.
    Your body, after the adaptation period, will begin to produce glycogen without carbs. Low carb dieting has also shown to improve blood glycogen levels. It may be superior for fat loss than exercising while having carbohydrates in the body.
    Hidden Risk?
    Some studies show risk from exercising in Ketosis. These include irregular heart beat, dizziness, etc. If you feel light headed or your heart is beating in a strange way, go see a Doctor.
    The other risk? Dehydration or an electrolyte deficiency. I am willing to bet that most of the side effects from exercise while in Ketosis are dehydration related.
    The solution (And a huge benefit while in Ketosis) are electrolyte supplements. While in Ketosis you can feel the dizziness, light headed, and even headaches. This is all found from ketosis and a lack of electrolytes. Ketosis does mean less carbohydrates, which mean your body does not hold on to water as well.
    Final Verdict.

    Ketosis can be challenging for exercise when you first start Ketosis. After a couple weeks, and proper precautions, you should be close to 100%.

  2. W. Prins

    (In the beginning it’ll be hard, really hard, as you’ll be adapting. If you’re a runner it’ll feel like you’re running through molasses. But if you stick with it, that stage will pass in time, and eventually you’ll be back, with more energy and more endurance and durability than before.)

  3. David Owen

    If your in a healthy ketosis, meaning your eating a lot of healthy fats, and cramming in at least 2000c per day, just the normal amount you would usually do. You can do more. But that's just overkill, unless your training for the Olympics.

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