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  1. ftwin

    I've been eating the same foods for lunch and dinner for like 4 months now during the week. For lunch I have a chicken breast sandwich on a bun with a side of diced sweet potatoes. I throw some Franks hot sauce on the sandwich as well as the potatoes. We have a gym at work so I usually workout then come back to my desk and eat this.
    For dinner I have essentially the same thing, but with a Turkey Burger on a bun w/ a tomato slice, blue cheese crumbles, and some hot sauce.
    Since doing this diet and with a lot of exercise as well, I've lost 18 lbs and gotten very lean.
    This week I decided to switch it up and instead of the sweet potatos with my meals, I had a spinach salad with grape tomatoes and feta cheese (and some franks hat sauce, can't forget that). I really like it so far and the spinach tastes great and really fills me up. I hear it has a ton of nutrients too.
    My concern is that I'm reading a lot about excessive spinach causing kidney stones. I tend to find something I like and eat it every day, so i'm worried that if i start having this salad with each meal i'm going to get them.
    Is there any way to prevent this? Any foods that can counter it?

  2. JuneStrawberries

    on a bun
    sweet potatoes
    You sound like you are doing paleo or low carb, not keto. A bun and sweet potato have more than 20g carbs (unless it's a keto bun, but you did not specify that).
    It's working for you, so that's good, but it's not keto.

  3. ftwin

    Sorry, you're right, i'm really not doing keto I just figured you guys would know the answer to this. I need a few carbs in my diet so I don't get cranky. I don't eat many though, that's pretty much it.

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