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Debunking The Myths About Lactic Acid, Fatigue And Recovery

Lactic acid. Also know as the “burn” you feel on that last rep or final sprint, most athletes see it as a workout’s worst enemy, the cause of muscle soreness and fatigue. But what if everything you learned was wrong? Even at the highest levels of sport, misunderstandings about this natural compound occur. In the early stages of the Tour de France—after the race but before he donned the Yellow Jersey—Chris Froome was seen backstage pedaling on a trainer and cooling down. Former cyclists and stellar commentator Bob Roll explained that Froome was “getting the lactic acid” out of his legs so he would be less fatigued for the next day’s ride. Encapsulated in these comments are a whole bunch of misconceptions about lactic acid, fatigue and even recovery. It’s time we learn the truth and get to know the real lactic acid. Lactic acid is gone in minutes Lactic acid is made of two parts: the acid and the lactate molecule. Below is a slide from a classic study done in the late 1930s from the Harvard Fatigue Lab showing how fast lactic acid disappears from your blood (and muscles) after exercise. The units used in the 1930s are different from today’s measurements—10 mg% i Continue reading >>

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  1. thefuryandthesound

    If this is sidebar, sorry I must have missed it.

  2. Emmie618

    That's some recent versions of Atkins. In his original work, Dr. A actually suggested that people remain at 20g -30g of carbs until just before goal weight and then gradually add at 5g increments until their appetite soared (out of ketosis). Many people who are not carb sensitive would then return to 100-150g of carbs---but those of us with extreme carb sensitivity discovered that we had to remain much lower.
    My carb limit is about 30g, and I've been eating about 20g or fewer for the past 10 years. This enabled me to lost close to 180 lbs and maintain my loss for the past 6+ years.
    Atkins, done as originally designed, is ketogenic for those of us who need it.

  3. Addbutter

    Yeah, DrAtkin's message has been reinterpreted so many ways from original. Also the audience for the most part wasn't as into the background intricacies.

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