Lactic Acidosis In Cirrhosis

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Effect Of Liver Disease On The Kinetics Of Lactate Removal After Heavy Exercise

, Volume 59, Issue12 , pp 8997 | Cite as Effect of liver disease on the kinetics of lactate removal after heavy exercise Recovery from heavy exercise requires clearance of lactic acid from the blood and body tissues. Although it has long been felt that the liver plays the major role in lactate removal, it has more recently been asserted that skeletal muscle plays the dominant role. We felt it relevant to this controversy to determine whether patients with liver dysfunction have slowed lactate removal following heavy exercise. Eight patients with alcoholic liver disease and 5 normal subjects were studied. Liver function was measured by the14C-aminopyrine breath test; the results were expressed as the rate of appearance of14CO2 in the breath two hours after ingestion, as a fraction of the ingested14C dose (%h1). Each participant exercised on a cycle ergometer for 7 min at a work rate which was moderately heavy for that subject (mean peak lactate=5.3 mmolL1). During, and for 45 minutes after exercise, blood was drawn from a hand vein catheter. The time required for blood lactate to decrease halfway toward resting levels (t1/2LA) was determined. Compared to the normal subjects and his Continue reading >>

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  1. Emacfarland

    I just read about a man who does ZC that he considers salt a toxic" chemical and that our bodies excrete sodium only when there's excess. He claims our sodium needs are met with an ounce of meat. Wow am I confused!! Most low/no carbers advocate for several GRAMS per day. Plus, salt=delicious

  2. DBatting


    I just read about a man who does ZC that he considers salt a toxic" chemical and that our bodies excrete sodium only when there's excess.

    Is it possible this man has no idea how the body actually works?

  3. Bartdorman

    I think this is just another example of how opinions are all over the board and how important it is to do as much research as possible and perform experimentation to figure out exactly what YOUR body needs. From all the reading, listening to many, many podcasts and watching lectures on you tube believe this guy is wrong, but maybe it works for him. I think maybe he came to this conclusion because if you are falling a normal SAD diet you probably get enough salt from the the food you eat and added salt is not necessary. The whole 1 ounce of meat thing is ridiculous.

    I can tell you that during times I am not exercising regularly I feel perfectly fine with the salt I get from the meals I eat, but if I am exercising regularly I need to supplement sodium in my diet or I will experience some unpleasant side effects, mainly cramping. I do take a 400mg magnesium supplement daily. I have been taking the magnesium for so long I am unsure how my body would feel if I cut it out along with no sodium supplementation.

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VISIT: http://livercirrhosis.vital101.com How To Cure Liver Cirrhosis Naturally - Liver Cirrhosis Natural Treatment - Liver Cirrhosis Diet What is cirrhosis of the liver? Cirrhosis is a condition that results from permanent damage or scarring of the liver. This leads to a blockage of blood flow through the liver and prevents normal metabolic and regulatory processes. What are the major causes of cirrhosis? The major causes of cirrhosis are as follows: - Chronic alcoholism. - Viral infections caused by chronic viral hepatitis (types B, C and D). - Metabolic diseases such as alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, galactosemia and glycogen storage disorders. - inherited diseases such as Wilson disease and hemochromatosis. - Biliary cirrhosis resulting from diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). - Toxic hepatitis caused by severe reactions to prescribed drugs or prolonged exposure to environmental toxins. - repeated bouts of heart failure with liver congestion. What are some early symptoms of cirrhosis? People in the early stages of cirrhosis have few symptoms. Some symptoms an individual may notice include: - Loss Of Appetite. - Nausea. -

Chronic Hepatitis B Patients With Liver Cirrhosis Are At Risk For Lactic Acidosis After Starting Entecavir (baraclude)

Lactic acidosis occurs when lactate acid builds ups in the bloodstream faster than it can be removed. Lactic acidosis result when blood cells receive too little oxygen. Entecavir is one of several oral antiviral drugs approved for treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection . Nucleoside analogs -- like entecavir and one class of antiretroviral drugs for HIV -- are structurally similar to the building blocks that make up strands of genetic material (DNA and RNA). As a virus attempts to copy its genetic material, if one of these drugs is added instead of a natural nucleoside to the growing chain, the replication process is halted. Unfortunately, nucleoside analogs can interfere with the workings of human cells as well as viruses. This can lead to a variety of side effects, some of which have been linked to damage to the mitochondria, small structures in cells that produce energy. Several nucleoside analogs used for HIV -- including d4T and ddI -- have fallen out of favor for this reason. Entecavir is generally safe and well-tolerated in HBV positive people who do not have advanced liver disease. Less is known however, about its safety in patients with liver cirrhosis -- a Continue reading >>

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  1. kristyn14

    Hi I am new to the forums I have type1 diabetes I have had it for 8 years nearly just wanted to ask if anybody has any advice on high blood sugars and ketones and when the best time is to go to hospital if I can't get it under control I had an infection last week but seems like my bloods and ketones don't want to settle down any1 able to help out I would appreciate it thanks.:-/

  2. noblehead

    Take aread of the following Kristyn:

  3. Dashing.

    kristyn14 said: ↑
    Hi I am new to the forums I have type1 diabetes I have had it for 8 years nearly just wanted to ask if anybody has any advice on high blood sugars and ketones and when the best time is to go to hospital if I can't get it under control I had an infection last week but seems like my bloods and ketones don't want to settle down any1 able to help out I would appreciate it thanks.:-/ what are yours on at the moment? usually i'd ring mine if i had 1.5 or above =.=

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Acid-base And Potassium Disorders In Liver Disease

Northwestern University, Feinberg school of Medicine, Chicago Acid-base and potassium disorders occur frequently in the setting of liver disease. As the liver's metabolic function worsens, particularly in the setting of renal dysfunction, hemodynamic compromise, and hepatic encephalopathy, acid-base disorders ensue. The most common acid-base disorder is respiratory alkalosis. Metabolic acidosis alone or in combination with respiratory alkalosis also is common. Acid-base disorders in patients with liver disease are complex. The urine anion gap may help to distinguish between chronic respiratory alkalosis and hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis when a blood gas is not available. A negative urine anion gap helps to rule out chronic respiratory alkalosis. In this disorder a positive urine anion gap is expected owing to suppressed urinary acidification. Distal renal tubular acidosis occurs in autoimmune liver disease such as primary biliary cirrhosis, but often is a functional defect from impaired distal sodium delivery. Potassium disorders are often the result of the therapies used to treat advanced liver disease. Do you want to read the rest of this article? ... Patients with decompens Continue reading >>

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    ok i'm finishing up my CKD in two weeks. i'm carbing up this weekend and planning to go two weeks without a carb-up to finish it off. is this ok to do at the end? also, when I finish at the end of the second week do you guys think I should carb up before I start bulking? i'm planning to do a fairly clean bulk up to about 185 or so. help is appreciated. you guys are awesome on here.

  2. youngandfree

    I'm definitely no expert on this, so take it with a grain of salt. I've been reading a bit on keto diets recently and was reading some on Atkins stuff. It may apply or not, but in his regimen, after you get to your target weight, you should go in to the maintenance phase. He basically recommends slowly introducing carbs back into your regular diet so there isn't a big rebound. Now being a bodybuilder vs fat lazy slob, I realize there are differences in how you would utilize a typical keto diet. And the reason for the weekend carb-up is to have a big rebound, so I don't know if the same principle would apply. Could you just continue the same regimen, but increase your calories accordingly? I think it has been recommended to go from a cut to a lean bulk, to add a couple hundred extra cals a week until reach reach your new calorie requirements to bulk, rather than going from cal deficit to a 1000 cal surplus. I'm interested in some more experienced responses myself, since I am starting to cut and will probably switch to a ckd as I start to get leaner in order to finish it off.

  3. BodyWizard

    Eat carbs.
    (I should get paid for this...)
    Yes, you DON'T need a cyclic-refeed-style carb-up to end your CKD; probably best if you *don't*; but to skip a regular re-feed with another week to go is not really a good idea (can't imagine why you'd want to).
    Likewise, if you're moving straight into a bulk, you'll *have* to have some degree of carb reload in order to move the weights that bulking demands.
    This is not really the point to try & get fussy or finicky: just give yourself 3-5 days of eating 40/40/20 before you begin your new workout plan (you DO have a different workout plan for your bulk, yes?), and you ought to be fine.

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