L Carnitine And Ketosis

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Top 5 Ingredients To Boost A Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular dietary trends for a successful weight loss. It can also be helpful in boosting your overall health, allowing you to avoid carbohydrate crashes while maintaining high energy levels. If you’ve been considering beginning a ketogenic diet, supplementation can play a key role in helping you achieve ketosis while avoiding the dreaded “keto flu.” Let’s take a look at the top 5 ingredients that can help you maximize the benefits of a ketogenic diet. MCT Powder The ketogenic diet is all about increasing your fat intake while eliminating most carbohydrates. Your protein consumption will be moderate. One of the best ways to push your body into a ketogenic state is with medium chain triglyceride powder. Medium chain triglycerides are fatty acids that promote ketosis. Aside from being helpful for the ketogenic diet, MCT powder may also boost weight loss and decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease. (1-2) HMB Next up is beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, more commonly known as HMB. This metabolite of the essential amino acid, Leucine, may not push your body into a state of ketosis; however, it is necessary to protect lean muscle tissue. Continue reading >>

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  1. suzie

    Atkins, Missed Period, And Pregnancy

    Hi- I am two weeks late on my period. It can be one week late occasionally, but not two. My husband and I have been trying to be safe, but we slipped around the time I should have been ovulating.
    The thing is I have been doing the atkins diet for almost two weeks. I have lost ten pounds. Could that change my period? Could it alter a pregnancy test? I have took a few test and at first they show negative, but if I look at them later it shows a faint positive. Help me please!

  2. Amymc

    You could be pregnant, and it's just too early to detect yet. Maybe wait a few days and if your period doesn't arrive, test again. I'm not too sure about this atkins diet myself, but I do know that losing too much weight too quickly can definatley alter other things in you're body, such as periods etc.. I hope you get some answers really soon, if all else fails, see a Dr.

  3. allusivepond

    I agree with the above post to wait a few days and see wot happens then. But u should never read a hpt after the time has expired as u get evaporation lines and everything so they are incorrect.
    From someone who cant wait to have a jellybean all of their own

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