Ketotic Hypoglycemia Vomiting Child

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Ketotic Hypoglycemia In Children

Did You Know? Fasting tolerance improves with an increase in body mass, which is believed to be the reason why children with ketotic hypoglycemia outgrow this condition by the time they turn 8 to 9 years old. Ketotic hypoglycemia is the most common type of hypoglycemia that affects children after the neonatal period. However, the condition resolves on its own by the time they reach adolescence. More commonly, children in the age group of 18 months to 5 years experience recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia, especially during an illness or after fasting for a prolonged time period (more than 8 to 16 hours). Hypoglycemia refers to a blood sugar level lower than 70 mg/dL. Usually, hypoglycemia is a complication associated with diabetes. So, diabetic children and adolescents can experience hypoglycemia when they take too much of insulin or eat too little. But, ketotic hypoglycemia has not been found to be related to a specific endocrine or metabolic abnormality. It is mainly associated with low tolerance for fasting, and most children outgrow this condition before they turn 8 to 9 years old. After this age, the incidence of this type of hypoglycemia is quite rare. It is characterized by f Continue reading >>

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  1. 2Dolls

    Hi there I am new to MagicMum this is my first post.
    We have an adorable little girl aged 3.5yrs, she's had lots of tests over the past 1.5yrs most recently for endocrine which were clear, mitochondria don't have full results but latest skin biopsy was clear, the Drs discovered while in the unit that she has a problem with her blood sugars as she had some hypos in there. We are waiting on results for Glycogen Storage Disease, consultant told us if this one is clear then more than likely we will have to put her blood sugar problems down to Ketotic Hypoglycemia although her symptoms don't fit it. Just wondering if anyone out there has come across KH and how you dealt with it and how your lo is doing. TIA

  2. rosepetal

    Hi 2dolls, my ds1 had ketotic hypoglycaemia from age 18mths to 9yrs, and I have never heard of another child with the same thing til now!!
    My pm function doesnt work for some unfathomable reason so I cant pm you but if you pm me your email address we can chat that way (if you want!) without medical details etc being broadcast to the world

  3. 2Dolls

    Hi rosepetal thanks for the reply have sent you a pm.
    Our little girl is non symptomatic so we need to keep a close eye on her, shes on a high carb/high sugar diet with fasting times. She had ketones in her urine the other morning I just checked it on spec, I know if I ring the unit they will want me to reduce her fasting times, they have told us we could always look at adding corn starch to her meals, did you ever use the corn starch?
    I can't believe you haven't come across anyone else with KH, I thought I would find it easy to find people with experience of it as some support would be great.
    Chat again, 2Dolls.

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