Ketostix Not Showing Ketosis

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Ketosis And The Ketogenic Ratio – Q&a

Question: Do you still believe in the ketogenic ratio for getting into ketosis? I am having trouble showing ketones. Any tips? Sorry to bother you again but can drinking 2 gal of water per day dilute your urine so you don’t show ketones? Answer: Ok, let me take these on one at a time. In my first book The Ketogenic Diet, I talked about something called the ketogenic ratio (KR) which is an equation/concept used in the planning of ketogenic diets for epilepsy patients. The equation basically gives you the potential ketone producing potential of a given meal depending on the relative ketogenic or anti-ketogenic effect of the different macronutrients. So the KR of a given combination of nutrients can be estimated with the following equation: Protein turns out to be partially ketogenic (46%) and partially anti-ketogenic (58%), reflecting the fact that some amino acids can be made into ketones, while other are made into glucose). Carbohydrate is 100% anti-ketogenic and fat is mostly (90%) ketogenic (the 10% anti-ketogenic is due to the fact that the glycerol portion of triglycerides, explained in A Primer on Dietary Fats, can be converted to glucose in the liver). Quoting from that sec Continue reading >>

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  1. sharidoto


  2. ljessica0501

    It varies for everyone. For me personally...it took 4 days to register anything and almost 2 weeks to get purple...I have never seen the darkest purple shade. Some people will tell you not to use the sticks, but I like them. My doctor told me to use them 3 times a day for a week to see when my body is the highest. Again...everyone is different. I am highest in the morning, but I hear some people are highest at night.
    Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality. - Ralph Marston

  3. PeeFat

    Your body has to burn off all the stored sugar before it goes into ketosis. The shade on the stick should read ' moderate. ' Any higher means you aren't drinking enough water to flush out excess ketones. Too many ketones in your body is unhealthy. So don't think you have to be in the darkest purple range to be eating properly. Also the best time to test is first thing in the morning. Only diabetics need check more than once a day. On atkins we don't even need to use keto sticks. If you follow the rules you will be in ketosis.

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Don’t Feed The Keto-stix Pusher!

For control-freaks like me, beginning with LCHF brought an unexpected pleasure. You could buy little strips and dip them in your urine and get a color-coded answer how many keton-bodies were in there. A dark red meant you were doing well, a pale pink meant something in your diet needed tweaking. I went through more packs of keto-sticks in my first LCHF-year than I am comfortable admitting. But gradually the dark red went away, and I was stuck on the little-or-no-ketons pink. No matter how much I tweaked my way of eating, lived on steak, egg and butter, nothing. Pretty in pink all the way. In this situation, there are three ways of reacting: worry yourself sick, keep tweaking or simply not give a damn. So, of course, I found a fourth way – research and check the facts. It so happens that what the ketosticks measure is not whether you’re in ketosis or not. They only measure the amount of keto-bodies in your urine. Which in turn means that if you’re so adapted to running your metabolism on fat, you’ll use up your ketons and nothing spills over into the urine. Which means little or no result from your stick, no matter how many times you bring however many sticks into the bathro Continue reading >>

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  1. zetaphine

    I'm in my 6th day of Induction and my Ketostix are not registering any changes. I drink about 112 ounces of water daily. Could I be drinking too much water and diluting the results? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on the topic.

  2. JustJ280

    Hmmm.... well, I can say that there are people who will get into Ketosis and the strips never show anything. Not sure why -- I've never used them because I can tell when I'm there -- I feel different. But just in case, why not post an example menu so that we can see if there is anything that stands out? Sorry I couldn't be more help right off the bat!

  3. zetaphine


    Originally Posted by JustJ280
    why not post an example menu so that we can see if there is anything that stands out? JustJ280: Thanks for the quick reply! Here's today's plan:
    Breakfast:1 Atkins Bar
    2 cups coffee with heavy cream
    Snack:Red pepper slices
    Lunch:Chicken salad (canned chicken, mayo, celery, chives)
    Salad mix
    1 TBSP bacon
    2 TBSP ranch dressing
    1/4 cup mushrooms
    Dinner @ Ruby Tuesday:Sole & shrimp
    Roasted spaghetti squash
    Grilled asparagus
    I calculate 29 grams of carbs. Lemme know what you think.

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One of the most frequently asked questions by people encountering a Zero Carb diet for the first time, especially if they come from a low carb, ketogenic diet background, is… Do I need to be concerned about or measure my level of ketones? I think one of the main reasons this happens is because the descriptive label most often applied to this way of eating is Zero Carb, rather than Zero Plant Foods, All-Meat, or Carnivore (labels which are actually far more descriptively accurate). Additionally, this way of eating probably attracts more people from the low carb community than from any other dietary background. The question comes up often enough that I felt it might be helpful to collect some of the best responses offered by long term Zero Carb practitioners and put them into one place for easy reference. Basically, as you will see from the quotes below, there is no need to measure blood, breath, or urine ketone levels while eating an All-Meat diet in order to experience the benefits that this way of eating offers. ….. Rose Nunez Smith: I’ve been ZC nearly six years. A couple years ago I got scared about cancer (I’m adopted and discovered a long list of direct maternal relati Continue reading >>

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  1. Rania

    Wondering if anyone can tell me how quickly carbs effect the results on ketostix? I have been using ketostix to test out a few different foods and see how they effect me and ketosis. But I am never sure if I should test an hour after I have eaten it or the next morning or what!
    And then there have been times when I have thought I have not eaten anything that should take me out of ketosis and yet the result is not pink anymore! How do I work out approx how long ago I ingested whatever took me out of ketosis to try and pin point it?

  2. Sherrie

    Just test out one food at a time that way you'll always know which one is the culprit.
    Within 1-2 hours after eating you should see a change but it is always possible for a food to only take you out temporarily.
    If your in ketosis the following morning then it never took you out, just delayed the fat burning for a bit.
    Make sense?

  3. Rania

    Yup Thanks, I thought that was the case but I was just not sure.

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