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What Does It Mean That I Burn Fat Over Carbs?

Your body is always burning a combination of carbs (as glucose, stored in glycogen stores in the body) and fat. At rest, you're mostly burning glucose, with a small percentage of fat. Fat is converted to acetyl sugars through the beta oxidation process and then enters the Krebs cycle like a normal sugar, though it requires oxygen (thus, aerobic metabolism). When you start exercising, you initially burn ATP and ATP-PC for 30 seconds or so, then the glycogen stores take over the load (anaerobic metabolism). As the glycogen stores are used, the aerobic metabolism sources (fats) slowly ramp up. After the glycogen stores are depleted (it's never fully unused, it just ramps down), the aerobic metabolism mostly takes over. When you "hit the wall" while doing exercise it's possibly due to the fact that aerobic metabolism requires oxygen to complete the kreb's cycle. When they mean when they say: "burning fat over carbs" it means that you're utilizing your aerobic metabolism store more than your anaerobic metabolism store. Additionally, when your glycogen stores are low, your body can convert fat to glucose in a process called Gluconeogenesis. If that's what they're referring to, they're mi Continue reading >>

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  1. Robert Charles Lee

    I have no idea where or how the name Quora comes from. I don't even know what the name means. I've seen various explanations here and all of them are plausible. The one that seems most realistic to me is it's QUestion OR Answer.
    Update:- For pronunciation, I pronounce it as "kworra."
    Thanks for the A2A.

  2. Ian Atkin

    I can't say for sure because I haven't spoken with any of the people responsible for naming the site, but I do have a personal theory.
    Quora is a play on the word "quorum". That's a word with a very specific meaning: "the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid".
    If we take that word and consider "Quora", then it is probably intended to mean a vastly huge group of quorums, which is indicative of the global reach of the site. Of course, Quora doesn't have meetings in the usual sense, but I think you can see where I'm going with this.
    Charlie Cheever (one of the founders of Quora) had this to say...
    We both independently came up with pretty similar criteria for what we wanted:

    Something that probably was two syllables long
    Ideally something you could spell after hearing it
    A word that wasn't commonly used by anything else, so you could search for it easily and not get false positives
    Starts with an unusual letter
    Ideally something with double Os in it for good luck (Yahoo, Google, Facebook)

    Something that made sense for what we were working on
    Typically, because site "naming" is dependent on the Internet's domain naming rules, and each site has to have a unique name (and they're running out), websites are getting stranger and stranger names. It's just a fact of life. So, it's inevitable that sites will receive clever and unusual names, sometimes based on actual words.

    Additionally, since "quorum" is pronounced "kworum", I also insist on pronouncing the name of the site "kwora". I wonder how others say it.

  3. Vansh Shah

    So if you have any QUestion, come on QUora and/OR if you want to answer something , answer it on quorA.

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